7.7 Release Notes

Shotgun continues to get better, faster, and more secure. Shotgun 7.7 comes with support for multiple languages, updates to apps and integrations, security upgrades, and improvements to Production Insights.

Language support

The Shotgun Web App is now available in two additional languages: Japanese and Simplified Chinese!

Shotgun in Japanese

Shotgun in Simplified Chinese

Please note: This feature is currently available only in a limited, private beta. If you would like to gain early access to Japanese, please contact shotgun.jpn.info@autodesk.com for more details.

If you would like to gain early access to Chinese, please contact shotgun.street.china@autodesk.com or find Autodesk China on WeChat for more details.

Autodesk WeChat

Admins are able to set the language for their Shotgun site, and individuals are able to set the language for their account only. For more information, please see “Language support.”

Shotgun Ecosystem

We have a new Quick Review app for Nuke, as well as lots of polish and bug fixes (including beta SSO support and getting rid of Desktop’s certificate generation). See the full integrations release notes for details.


Shotgun is even more secure, with encrypted backups and TLS/SSL encrypted messages for PostgreSQL communication. All hosted sites have also been upgraded to PostgreSQL 9.6.

Production Insights

Production Insights, which first came out in 7.6, have more features. You now have more control over graph widgets, with the ability to adjust the height of the widget. Default graph types are now the horizontal bar chart style, and graph presets are now “Pre-configured Widgets,” available at the bottom of the Widgets pane.

Fixed bugs

  • Canvas pages with multiple widgets was not able to scroll to the bottom of the page, making editing widgets at the bottom of the page impossible. This fix ensures the scroll bar works. [29550]
  • New graph widgets that used the “Max categories” option did not display text to inform users when they were not seeing all of the data. This fix allows users toggle between the max number of categories displayed (for example, 5 out of 10) and the total number of categories. [43203]
  • With new graph widgets, users were not able to click and display source data on (blank) categories. This happened with blank or non-ASCII characters categories.This fix allows graphs to displays all source data. [46172]
  • New graph widgets occasionally miscalculated category and graph totals. This fix ensures all totals are calculated and displayed correctly. [46168]
  • Scrolling graph widgets were sometimes missing data points. This fix ensures graph widgets with the scroll bar are reliable. [46021]
  • The menu items related to Shotgun’s integrations would appear even when the “Enable Integrations” field was unchecked for a user. This fix updates Shotgun to pay attention to that setting. [45567]
  • Accounts with artist (or similar) permissions would not see the Shotgun integration menu items in the project actions menu. This fix ensures the menu displays. [35359]
  • Filters with two negative conditions (for example, “does not contain” or “is not”) led to an error. This fix ensures filters can handle more than one negative condition. [45075]
  • Editing a numbered field with a value of “0” removed that value. This fix keeps all data intact when in edit mode. [46498]
  • Disabling the “See” permission on a field for the Admin permission group made that field non-interactable throughout Shotgun for Admins. This fix adds an additional dialog warning users of the repercussions. [44296]
  • Custom entities did not display the correct name of the entity in the project navigation. This fix keeps the project navigation menu consistent with the name of the corresponding page. [46447]
  • The Default Settings menu under the Admin settings menu did not display options in alphabetical order. This fix alphabetizes all options in the menu. [25056]
    Default layout menu
  • Certain files could not be downloaded from the Client Review Site. In the case where multiple downloadable formats exist for media on the Client Review Site, this fix allows Admins to control which format will be associated with the download link. [44468]
  • Leaving any page that showed a list of Cuts open for too long led to an error. This fix ensures pages load correctly and do not cause errors. [45576] (Tues Mar 13, 2018)


  • Improved performance when verifying if an entity exists in a multi-entity field. [46738]
  • Improved search on due and start dates on Tasks, Versions on published files, and Tasks and users on Versions. [46854]


  • Deleted Template Project pages were not shown on the Trash page. This fix displays all deleted pages so they can be revived if necessary. [46505]
  • Adding a Note to a Task led to an error. This fix ensures Notes can be added to Tasks. [46538]
  • The transcoding preference appeared twice on the Site Preferences page. This fix removes the duplicate preference. [44739]
  • In the Shotgun API, APIUsers with 'generate events' unchecked still generated events when deleting and cascade-deleting entities. This fix ensures events are not unnecessarily generated. [46534] (Thurs Mar 1, 2018)


  • Notes without a user_id and user_type were unable to send email notifications. This fix ensures email notifications are processed. [46759] (Tues Feb 27, 2018)


  • When using the importer, cells with errors were not red, which made them difficult to find. This fix displays errors with a red background. [46580]
  • Page filters on multi-entity fields using the “name doesn’t contain” filter returned an incorrect count. This fix ensures filters display the correct count at the bottom of the page. [41910]
  • In the Media App, expanding an Asset group with a custom list on the “type” field caused the page to hang. This fix ensures Asset groups can be expanded. [46720]
  • Not all text was translated for Japanese and Simplified Chinese. This includes text relating to Asset types, the words “Create New Project” in the new project form, some statuses, and some Site Preferences. This fix translates more text. [46318] [46360] [46450] [46453]