29 January 2018: Released v1.5.0 of the Shotgun Desktop

A new release of The Shotgun Desktop (v1.5.0) is now available!

Version: v1.5.0

Date: 29 January 2018

Change summary: This release introduces support for SSO, bundles version 1.1.4 of the Shotgun Integrations and fixes an issue with SHOTGUN_HOME.

Detailed Release Notes: Click here.

Click here to download the Shotgun Desktop.



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    Jean-François Boismenu

    EDIT: The issue has been resolved. Downloading the Shotgun Desktop from our support site or from your Shotgun site will retrieve 1.5.0. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    ORIGINAL MESSAGE: We're terribly sorry, there was an issue with the deployment of the latest build and the previous version (1.4.3) was uploaded. We're working on fixing this as soon as possible.

    Edited by Jean-François Boismenu
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