Language support

The Shotgun web app is now available in three additional languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. This feature is currently in beta.

How to set your language preference

The language for the Shotgun web app can be set in two places:

  1. At the site level (for all users of the site)
  2. At the user level (for an individual user, which overrides the site level language)


To set the language preference for the site, Admins can go to Site Preferences. Under “Language and Formatting” choose “Site Language” and select your preferred site-wide language from the drop-down menu. Any user who has not explicitly set their user-level language preference will now see the Shotgun Web Application in this language.

Language preferences

As an individual

To set the language preference for an individual user, go to the user’s People page, and under the “Person Info” tab find the setting for “Language”—there is a drop-down list of available languages to choose from. This setting will override any language preference on the site. (The default setting is blank, so by default users will inherit the setting from the site.)

Language user preferences

What’s been translated

There are parts of Shotgun we have chosen not to translate at this time, which means they will only display in English. Please see below for a list of areas that will continue to be available only in English for the time being.

  • Shotgun integrations, Toolkit apps, and other API-connected applications. This includes the Import Cut app and RV.
  • The API and the event log. Translation is explicitly disabled in the API and the event log, as studios routinely have scripts which depend on strings.
  • Data. We have explicitly not translated any strings that are data. This means any strings that have been entered by users as part of the data in a project will NOT be translated.
  • Some strings in template projects (such as Big Buck Bunny) may not have been translated, depending on the age of the site.

Translated documentation

Help documentation for the Shotgun web app has also been translated, and can be viewed in the user’s preferred language on our Zendesk site.

How to set your documentation language preference

Setting the language on our support site is easy. Simply choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Shotgun support site language

What documentation has been translated

Documentation pertaining to the Shotgun web app, including user guides and training videos, has been translated, except for the following:

Report an issue

During our private beta, if you find an issue with an incorrect translation, a truncation in the Shotgun web app, or what you believe to be a missing translation—for either the web app or documentation—please reach out to your local contact.


To request access to the Japanese private beta, report an issue, or for more information about Shotgun in Japan, please contact


To request access to the Simplified Chinese private beta, report an issue, or for more information about Shotgun in China, please contact or find Autodesk China on WeChat.

Autodesk WeChat


To request access to the Korean private beta, report an issue, or for more information about Shotgun in Korea, please contact



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