Nuke Quickreview

Quickreview Node

A custom Nuke node that creates a quicktime and uploads it to ShotGrid for review.
Latest Version: v1.2.0 (prod)
For our version numbers, we follow the Semantic Versioning standard.
System Name: tk-nuke-quickreview

Please Note: This document describes functionality only available if you have taken control over a Toolkit configuration. Please refer to the Shotgun Integrations User Guide for more details.

This app adds a Nuke node which you can add anywhere in your node graph. Once added to your scene, you can double click the node, go to the properties page and hit the "Send to Review" button. The app will then render a quicktime of your scene, add burnins and slates and upload it to Shotgun.


The Quickreview app makes it easy to submit Nuke renders for review in Shotgun. A Version in Shotgun will be created with each quickreview submission. It appears as a node in Nuke, located on the Shotgun Node menu. Simply create a new node, attach it to your Nuke network, double click it and click the Upload button.

Nuke overview

You get presented with the following UI, allowing you control how your Version is created in Shotgun:

Submit UI

The following items can be controlled:

  • The version name is pre-populated based on the currently loaded nuke script and can be adjusted if needed.
  • The entity link and task associated with the version is based on the current context and can be adjusted.
  • The frame range to be submitted can be adjusted.
  • The created Version can be added to a playlist. A dropdown with recent playlist are being displayed.

Once you press the Upload button, a quicktime will be generated in nuke and then uploaded to Shotgun. Once uploaded, the following screen will be shown, allowing you to either show the Version in the Built-in Shotgun Panel in Nuke or in the web overlay player.

Burnins and slate

By default, the app will generate a Quicktime with a slate and burn-ins:

Slate Example Burnins Example


Most aspects of the review submission can be adjusted using hooks. Documentation can be found here.

Related Apps and Documents


The Publish app allows artists to publish their work so that it can be used by artists downstream. It supports traditional publishing workflows within the artist’s content creation software as well as stand-alone publishing of any file on disk. When working in content creation software and using the basic Shotgun integration, the app will automatically discover and display items for the artist to publish. For more sophisticated production needs, studios can write custom publish plugins to drive artist workflows.

Screening Room Integration

This app launches Screening Room for the current context. Jumping into your review session has never been easier! Just click a button and Screening Room will open, focused on the particular shot or asset you are currently working on. This also makes it really easy to see your submitted versions in context or review different variations that you submitted from inside your content creation application.

Installation and Updates

Adding this App to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit

If you want to add this app to Project XYZ, in an environment named asset, execute the following command:

> tank Project XYZ install_app asset tk-nuke tk-nuke-quickreview

Updating to the latest version

If you already have this item installed in a project and you want to get the latest version, you can run the update command. You can either navigate to the tank command that comes with that specific project, and run it there:

> cd /my_tank_configs/project_xyz
> ./tank updates

Alternatively, you can run your studio tank command and specify the project name to tell it which project to run the update check for:

> tank Project XYZ updates

Collaboration and Evolution

If you have access to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit, you also have access to the source code for all apps, engines and frameworks in Github where we store and manage them. Feel free to evolve these items; use them as a base for further independent development, make changes (and submit pull requests back to us!) or simply tinker with them to see how they have been built and how the toolkit works. You can access this code repository at

Special Requirements

  • You need Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Core API version v0.19.8 or higher to use this.
  • You need Engine version v0.2.3 or higher to use this.


Below is a summary of all the configuration settings used. These settings need to be defined in the environment file where you want to enable this App or Engine.


Type: hook

Default Value: {self}/

Description: Hook for customizing settings and behavior.


Type: hook

Default Value: {self}/

Description: Hook for adding extra logic and customization during the different submission stages.

Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for this App. Below you will find an overview of all the changes we did for each release. We try to be as detailed as possible and include all bugs we have fixed, features we have added and things that may have changed. If you have questions about a particular release, don't hesitate to contact our support team!


Rebranded to ShotGrid



Python 3 compatibility.



Bug fixes and polish.



Fixes an issue with playlist status not working on modern sites.



Fixed issues with hook imports



Initial version.