What’s the difference between Screening Room and Shotgun Review?

Screening Room is a way to review your media via the Overlay Player and RV. Shotgun Review (SG Review) is the name given to the combination of the Media App, browser Overlay Player, and RV Desktop Media Player. You can choose to use either SG Review or Screening Room.

There is a third option: Shotgun Create, which is a desktop experience for artists and reviewers. Shotgun 8.0 marks the beginning of a transition away from SG Review and toward Shotgun Create.

The Media App serves as mission control for all things media—Versions, Playlists, and Cuts—on your Shotgun site. You can quickly view content with the browser Overlay Player, build Playlists with drag and drop, and share Playlists with your Clients via the Client Review Site. And since the Overlay Player can access Cuts, that means you can review media in context from anywhere in Shotgun that you see a playable thumbnail.

Screening Room allows you to review hi-res, uncompressed media, and local media, and stay connected to all your important Shotgun data.

SG Review for RV has native Notes and Cut Tray Panes, and leverages the Media App to launch and drive RV. Session management provides you with options for viewing your media and managing your review sessions.

Much of the details below are related to an update to the RV Protocol Handler (RVLINK) which was necessitated to support SG 7.0 cut-related features that is controlled via the Site Preferences > Shotgun Review > Yes, Enable Shotgun Review for RV preference.

  • When the preference is disabled, the legacy RV Protocol Handler is in place. For Shotgun to properly launch RV and media, RV’s Shotgun Integration and Screening Room for RV packages need to be enabled. Cut playback is not supported in this case.Screen_Shot_2020-07-13_at_1.52.14_PM.png
  • When the preference is enabled, the new RV Protocol Handler is in place. For Shotgun to properly launch RV, media, and cuts, you need RV 7.0 with the SG Review package enabled.Screen_Shot_2020-07-13_at_1.52.20_PM.png

If you’re a current Shotgun client that isn’t using Screening Room for RV or SG+RV Integration and want to use SG Review for RV to view Cuts you’ll need to:

  • Enable the SG Review for RV preference found in Site Preferences > Shotgun Review.
  • Download and install RV 7.0 from within Shotgun’s App Menu.

Learn troubleshooting tips related to the RV Protocol Handler.

Screening Room features

The following is a list of features available only with Screening Room:

  • Configurable media types
  • Site-wide config hook
  • Info overlay
  • Marked Versions (for quick swap)
  • Speed (Screening Room is faster than SG Review)
  • Embedded browser
  • Ability to append to Existing Session (since the browser isn’t embedded)
  • Ability to swap between Cut Length and Full Length
  • Ability to rearrange media without tracking repercussions
  • Quick Site Switching
  • Ability to add Versions To Playlist
  • Ability to create Playlists from Media
  • Ability to sort Media Order by Arbitrary Field
  • Ability to update current information for Changes Outside of Session
  • Session URL Copying
  • Slate/No Slate Hide/Show
  • Ability to load in Version pages (“Smart Playlists”)

SG Review features

The following is a list of features available only with SG Review:

  • Cut Loading Support (ability to load a Cut and have versions of the Cut)
  • Cut Import App
  • Ability to view in Cut context, available from within any SG media player
    • In the web: Overlay Player from any playable thumbnail/media > play Version in Cut by clicking clapper icon
    • In RV: Load Shotgun-aware media with Play in RV > play in Cut with clapper icon
  • Notes changes, specifically:
    • @mention in Notes
    • Screen capture utility in Notes
  • Local Shotgun Toolkit Cache. Note that when this works well, it speeds up sg query lookups, when it doesn’t it generates support tickets.
  • Python Console