Is there any media I can use to try out the Cut features?

Yes, we've put together demo content from Hyperspace Madness (HSM) that can be used to try out the 7.0 Cut-release features.

Included in the ZIP are:

  • Sample HSM movies and image sequences.
  • Sample EDLs with corresponding Base Layer Movies.

To use the HSM demo content, download the ZIP file (~800MB), unpack it, and import the supplied EDL(s) and Base Layer Movie with the RV Import Cut App. Individual Shot movies and frames can be submitted via the RV Submit Tool.

If you have a Shotgun site created after August 1, 2016, you can skip the media submission steps above and get up and running quickly by unpacking the zip in your storage's root. Demo content on your site template will link directly to that path.



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