How to import a Cut

To get started using 7.0’s cut-related features and viewing your media in context, you’ll need to create a Cut in Shotgun. With Shotgun and RV, there are a handful of ways to do this.

The easiest and fastest way is with the Import Cut App. The Import Cut App parses EDL information, compares against what's already in Shotgun, provides a summary of changes, and uploads the information to Shotgun. Upon submission, Import Cut will automatically create new Shots and update existing Shot information based on the EDL. 

If you have a base layer—or cut reference—movie that represents the EDL, you can also upload that when importing a Cut. This is helpful in making sure all Shots are represented when playing back a Cut even if work hasn't been started or no work is planned on that portion of the Cut—common in Cuts with non-VFX shots or when sharing work across studios.

While the Import Cut App will walk you through importing an EDL step-by-step, here's an overview of the major steps:

  1. Export an EDL (CMX) from your editorial application (Avid, Premiere, Final Cut, etc.).
  2. Open RV and launch Import Cut from the SG Review menu or click the + New Cut button from a Cut view in the Media App.
  3. Drag in the EDL (and Media, if available).
  4. Connect the Cut to a project and whatever you're tracking—like a Sequence, Scene, or any entity in Shotgun.
  5. Optionally, if a previous Cut exists you can compare the new EDL to it.
  6. Check out the Cut changes.
  7. Import the Cut.
  8. Add a message and notify the rest of the team. Note that you must enter in the group name in order to send, and not individual names or emails.
  9. View the Cut in Shotgun.

You can find a comprehensive breakdown of the Import Cut App—including technical details like timecode-to-frame conversion and Shot linking logic—over here.

For Hiero, Nuke Studio, and Flame users, you can publish editorial information directly to Shotgun from within the app with Toolkit integration. 

If you have your own internal tools that manage your editorial info, 7.0’s Cut Data Model is accessible via the Shotgun API so you can tie your tools directly to Shotgun. Learn about what entities and fields in the Cut data model and schema to populate with your tools, so you can use Shotgun's playback and review toolset.

Finally, it is possible within the browser to create a Cut via the +Cut and +Cut Item buttons or the Importer from a Cut or Cut Item page. These two methods are rather laborious though and we encourage you to give the Import Cut App a try as it'll save you time.

If you’re interested in going the manual route, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Cut Data Model so the Cuts you create work as expected.