Browsing Cuts

Once you get your Cuts into Shotgun, you can use the Media App to find and view them.

In the Left Pane, there are a couple different ways to browse and find a Cut.

  • Search for a special Cut via the Find a Cut... text search.
  • Quickly access Cuts you've previously viewed under the Recent section.
  • Keep Cuts important to you in the Favorites section by hovering over the Cut in the hierarchy tree and clicking the star icon.
  • Browse for a Cut via the Hierarchy Tree.

When browsing with the Hierarchy Tree, if you click on a parent entity—like a Sequence or Scene—you'll see a list of Cuts associated with it in the Right Pane.

If you go a level deeper in the Hierarchy Tree and click on a Cut itself, you'll see the cut information—like Cut Order, Cut In, and Cut Out—in the Right Pane.

In the Media App, the most recent revision of a Cut is prioritized in the Right Pane view. This is to help ensure that everyone is looking at the correct revision of the Cut. If you want to roll back to a previous revision of a Cut, you can do that via the Navigation Chain Toolbar.

In addition to the Media App, cut information can be viewed from traditional Cut and Cut Item pages across Shotgun.