Use Admin Options Permissions

As an Admin in Shotgun, you have control over who can see and do what throughout the system. When you check the “Use Admin Options” under Advanced Permissions, you change the behavior of Shotgun. Some of these changes you can see in the UI, while other changes happen in the background.

Admin Options

Note: Admin in this case does not mean a member of the Admin permission group, but instead anyone in a group with the “Use Admin Options” permission enabled.
Also, Admins have access to more pages in Shotgun, such as Action Menu Items, Client Users, Groups, People, Permissions, Scripts, and Trash pages.

Below is a list of the changes to expect when you enable “Use Admin Options.” Admins will have the ability to:

  • Save pages as defaults and page tabs as global defaults
  • Revert pages back to defaults
    Revert page
  • Revert a page’s view to the global default and save a page’s view as global default while in design mode
  • See the “Save This Layout as the Default” menu item on grid pages
    Save layout default
  • Access and set Global Follow Settings
  • View more pages in the account menu, including Template Project (if your site has one), Action Menu Items, Client Users, Groups, People, Permissions, Scripts, and Trash pages
  • See and edit Admin pages and pages marked for Admin use only
  • Update all other pages, including pages belonging to other users, if you know the page ID
  • Access the Project Actions menu:
    Project actions menu
    Non-admins will only be able to see “Navigation.”
  • Configure Tracking Settings
    Tracking settings
  • Access and update Site Preferences
    Site preferences
  • Create template project pages
  • Manage fields and pipeline steps
  • See the manage apps menu
    Manage apps
  • Configure fields on the Detail pages' fields widget
    Configure fields
  • Look up related fields that will be affected and also deleted when you delete a field
  • See banners that notify about trial expiration

When “Use Admin Options” is enabled, non-Admin users will:

  • See an empty list when they try to see pages only Admins have permission to see.
    Empty list
  • See only entities they are allowed to see. If a non-Admin tries to go to an entity they do not have permissions for, they will see an error message.
    Error message
  • See Grey pencil when trying to edit a cell they don’t have permission to edit.