How do I substitute URL template fields?

The URL will dynamically update for any shot a user is viewing.

There are three fields that pertain to the current user logged into Shotgun that can also be used in the URL string:

  • {current_user.login}
  • {}
  • {current_user.fullname}

To find the field codes, go to the "fields" page under the Settings menu and look at the "Field Code" column.

Pro Tip:  Try adding a text field to the entity with the URL you want to load on each entity page. For example, you can create a field called "Wiki" on the Asset entity that you fill in the URL for every asset. Then on your page, you can insert that field code into the URL field in brackets: {sg_wiki}. That will simply insert the URL from the text field and load in the page.


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    Tony Aiello

    This feature is very useful!  A couple enhancements please:

    - a `{current_project}` token, which would include `{}` and `{current_project.code}`, etc.  This has been requested at, please add your support!

    - having it work with Connection entities.  The bubble-through syntax above does not work when the "starting" entity is a Connection entity like AssetShotConnection nor ProjectUserConnection.

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