The Open Notes field displays all Notes linked to that record, such as Assets or Shots, that have the status “Open.”

Typically, a Note is created during a review session. The “Open” status indicates that the Note has not yet been addressed. After the Note is addressed, it is set to the status “Closed.”

You can modify these statuses to fit your workflow, but the Open Notes field will always key off the “Open” status.

Managing Read and Unread Threaded Entities

What is a Threaded Entity?

Threaded entities are Tickets and Notes, places where an original message or issue is stated and a conversation can then take place within the context of the replies section of each entity. Shotgun provides a visual indicator to denote if activity has occurred on that entity (such as someone replying) by flagging it as "unread." This distinction is on a per-user basis, meaning the user currently logged in can see what is read and unread by them, but not what is read or unread by others who may be on the same thread.

Unread Tickets or Notes are denoted by the title font being bold. If the font is normal, then it has been read. In the image below, Tickets 1 & 2 have been read by the currently logged in user, while Tickets 3-5 have not.


Where is this data stored?

A field exists on the Note and Ticket entities called "Read/Unread" (field code read_by_current_user). This column can be exposed and utilized like any other field (like sorting, grouping, or conditional formatting). It has to predefined values, either "Read" or "Unread."

How do I quickly mark a number of Notes or Tickets as read or unread?

  1. Highlight the Notes or Tickets you wish to mark as read or unread.
  2. Right click on one of the highlighted rows.
  3. Select either, "Mark Selected as Read", or "Mark Selected as Unread."
  4. The Notes/Tickets titles will then unbold/bold as appropriate.


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    Chrobak- Kristy

    How would we set certain fields as required in order to make a new note? For example, not allow someone to create a note without populating the "To" field? 

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    Edward Spencer

    If you right-click e.g. a version and select 'add note to selected', then on the top right click the little gear and choose 'configure layout' you should get this dialog >>>From here you can check the 'required for creation' box and then save the layout as default... then whenever someone tries to make a note it'll force them to add something to that field.

    Although I think this can be bypassed if you batch import notes... @Support?

    Also, @Support, the Override field label only seems to accept text. If I want to have a naming convention e.g. the Links field must be [{shot},{version}] is there a way to enforce this through the UI or would I have to create my own notes creating tool?

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    Jagadish Kumar

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a way using which we can sort the replies to a note in a reverse chronological order ? i am able to sort notes but not the replies.


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    Matt Caruso

    Is it possible to view replies to a note within the grid view? Currently, I don't believe there's a way to see which notes have conversations on them from the grid view. 

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    Beth Dewhirst

    Hey Matt,

    In order to do that, you would need to create a `Query Field` on the `Note` entity to refer to the Replies contained within. If you created a field like the image below on the `Note` entity, it would display the Latest Reply on that note.

    Alternatively under `Display` (same image), you could choose the check circle `Reply Count` if you wanted to see the total # number of replies on that Note. In `Note` List view, you could then click the number or the latest reply in the newly created field to get to the threaded Note detail view.



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    Matt Caruso

    Beth, that is incredibly helpful! I've implemented the Replies column which has been a huge help. Is it possible to add the same reply to multiple items? i.e. I want to batch reply to many notes with the same reply. 

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