Updating Shot information

Thanks to its ability to recognize and match events in an EDL to Shots in Shotgun, Import Cut can also help save time by automatically updating Shot information based on the changes it found in the EDL as it creates the Cut. Because of the precious nature of this data, the app allows the Shot update behavior to be dialed in so it can meet the subtle nuances of your studio's workflow. It is also possible to completely opt out of this feature if you prefer to manage the information yourself in Shotgun.

Shot Statuses

As part of its analysis of potential changes, Import Cut can identify Shots that were in previous Cuts but omitted from the input EDL as well as Shots that Shotgun indicates as omitted but are present in the input EDL. For both cases, the app can automatically adjust the status fields in Shotgun. The statuses will only be updated when the Cut is imported. You can still see the summary of changes in the app without necessarily updating the statuses in Shotgun.

Since the available statuses are often customized for each site, the specific options can be set in the app to use the proper conventions. To manage the status choices, click the gear icon in the top right and open the "Settings" window.

Update Shot Statuses

This checkbox dictates whether or not the app will touch the Shot status fields when importing a Cut. Uncheck this to retain manual control over the statuses in Shotgun. The app will still report on Shots being omitted or reinstated, but it will leave the status fields alone as part of the import.

Omit Status

This is the status the app will change the Shot to when it finds an omitted Shot based on the input EDL. The dropdown will allow you to choose any available status configured for the field in Shotgun.

Reinstate Status Shot if Status is

This is the status or statuses the app will look for when trying to determine if a Shot was previously out of the Cut but should be reinstated based on the input EDL. Since many editorial workflows call for more than one status to mean "out of the Cut," like say both "Omit" and "On Hold," Import Cut allows for more than one to be defined based on a text form. Enter in the desired status codes separated by commas.

Reinstate Status

This is the status the app will change the Shot back to when it finds a Shot that should be reinstated based on the input EDL. You can choose a specific status or select "Previous Status," which will check the history in Shotgun to see what the status was before it was omitted and revert it back to whatever that was.

Cut Fields on Shot

The frame range fields on Shots can also be updated by Import Cut. These fields are important because they typically drive the frame ranges that artist use for their renders when working on the Shots. Import Cut will update the following fields when relevant:

  • Head In
  • Cut In
  • Cut Out
  • Tail Out

In a nutshell, these fields cover the frame range of the Shot being used "in the Cut" (i.e., without handles) and the full range of the Shot that needs to be delivered for final (i.e., with handles).

However, in Shotgun, there are two different types of fields available to manage this information. Most sites use the standard Cut fields on Shots, which are simple number fields. But, some sites use the legacy "Smart" Cut fields that have built-in calculations. If you are using these "Smart" Cut fields on your site, click the checkbox and Import Cut will use those fields instead.

Repeated Shots

When Shots appear in the Cut more than once, Import Cut detects each appearance and sets the Cut fields on the Shot accordingly. The app will set Cut In to the earliest frame value from any of the Shot’s appearances in the input EDL and set Cut Out to the latest frame value from any of the Shot’s appearances. This results in a frame range that ensures coverage for all appearances of the Shot in the Cut.

Update Shot Fields

Depending on the contents of the input EDL, you may decide that you do want to import a Cut into Shotgun for review but don't want to update the Shot Cut fields. This can come in handy with situations like importing a Trailer Cut that uses a different frame range of a Shot than the full Shot for the final result—you may want to keep the Shot fields as they are but still have the Trailer Cut in Shotgun so you can use it for review purposes.

To help with this, the Import window has an "Update Shot Fields" checkbox that dictates whether or not the Cut fields will be updated for the Shots. Check the box to update them or uncheck it to leave them alone. This checkbox is persistent, and the app will remember the state from your previous import.