Troubleshooting Cuts

Playing a Cut back happens in Shotgun and RV with a click of a button, but under the hood a lot of actions are taking place. When you play a Cut, the players look at the Cut, Cut Item, and Version entities to determine the "recipe" of the Cut. The players then assemble that data into a playable Cut.

If—along the way—there's a mismatch of data, things can get hairy and you may see a message like this in the Overlay Player: 

Meanwhile, if RV is fed incomplete—or bad—Cut data, it will behave unexpectedly as well.

Let's run through a couple of the more common cases to help provide some clarity.

This Version's frame range [0-17] doesn't fit with this range of the Cut [1110-1120].

This is the most common example and is usually caused by the Version in a Cut not having an accurate Version-level First Frame and Last Frame value.

This is common if you've been uploading media to Shotgun via the browser where we prioritize quick and easy uploading at the cost of gathering additional metadata. Alternately, it could be happening if you have your own Version creation tool at the studio that isn't populating that data.

To resolve this issue, you'll need to provide accurate Version-level First Frame and Last Frame values.

In the future, if you submit work to Shotgun with the RV Submit Tool, it'll populate the required fields automatically.

This Version's frame range [1001-1018] doesn't fit with this range of the Cut [1110-1120].

In this example, the player is flagging an issue where the Shot Version's available frame range [1001-1018] does not fit in the Cut's frame range [1110-1120].

Resolving this issue likely requires a conversation with Editorial or whoever owns the Cut, as the Shot Version falls completely outside the Cut range.

This Version's frame range [1001-1018] at 24 fps doesn't fit with this range of the Cut [1003-1016] at 30 fps.

When you see references to FPS (Frames Per Second), that gives you an indicator of what the issue is. This case will occur more frequently in the browser's Overlay Player than RV due to how each tool manages frame rates.

To resolve this issue, check the FPS value on the Cut. If correct, check the FPS of the Version. Correcting the incorrect FPS value should restore Cut playback.

Seeing an error not mentioned above or having issues resolving a problem? Drop us a line and let us know.