API user permission groups

You can create separate Permission Groups for API users so that your scripts and keys can have different permission levels just like your People.

Accessing the API user page

Go to your Admin Menu and select Permissions - People.

People Permissions

Refer to the Permissions page for usage.

How to use API user permission groups

Once you have created API permissions groups beyond the initial API Admin, you can use them for your API scripts.

  1. From the Admin menu, select "Scripts."
  2. Display the Permission Group column and select the appropriate Permission Group.
    API permission group


So why would you use this? There are many potential uses, but here are a couple to get you thinking:

Example 1: You want to give an API key to someone in your studio who should not have full Admin privileges.

Example 2: You want to give a read-only API key to a partner studio to perform a one-way sync from your Shotgun database to their Shotgun Database, and only expose a limited entity set.



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