How can I define a default value for a field from the Shotgun web UI?

You can define a default value for a field via the configuration setting in the Status field. At the bottom you can see where you can set default values.

You can also set up a page with a Saved Filter for specific values.

As an example, if you have a filter like the one above set up on a page of Assets, whenever you create a new Asset, the Type field will be populated with “Prop” and the Description field will be pre-populated with “These are Props.”

A third option is to generate a URL to pre-populate creation forms.




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    Is there a way to set a default value for a "Number" field type? The default option doesn't appear in the configuration setting. Thanks

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    Jonathan Bouchard

    Only the status field type has a default value setting?

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    Lyubomir Grancharov

    Can you please implement this for other fields as well? As far as I understood only the "Status" field can be set with default value now.

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