On-screen Annotation

PLEASE NOTE: This post remains up for historical interest, but Annotation mode has come as part of the standard RV downloads for some time now.  You can turn it on from the Tools menu

This is our first pass at on-screen annotation for RV.  There is lots to be done, but we're hoping that there's enough here to be useful.  The current feature set includes:

  • Solid and soft brushes
  • Variable brush size (slider or hold  Shift down and move the mouse)
  • Erase brushes
  • Undo/Redo and clear
  • Color chooser
  • Annotation is synced over RV network connections
  • Annotation is stored in RV session files

Also note that the annotation panel comes up as a floating translucent window, but it can be "docked" on the left or right side of the RV view window.

This and other packages can be downloaded from Tweak's Downloads page.

Please note that the latest version of this packages requires RV 3.8.5.



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    Fredrik Limsater

    Awesome, you've done it again. Great work...


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    Mike Romey

    Working on integrating the annotations into our pipeline now.  It Kicks ass.  We made a script for RV that exports the current annotated frame to a QT ui that loads up the annotation with all the Shotgun related values applied to a note input window.  Then the user can write a note and send the annotated image and the note directly to the related Shotgun version.  Big Big fan.


    Thanks Alan!



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    Francois Chancrin

    Hi Alan,

    I really like your annotation tool, it's really helpful. That's what I was looking for since long time. I just have a feature request, it would be awesome to have an onion skin effect to see previous drawings in transparency.

    Thanks a lot :-)


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    Josh Moverik

    Hello Alan,

    I was wondering if the Annotation portion of RV has hot keys? or the ability to add hot keys?

    also what is the shortcut to make the brush bigger/smaller?

    Thank you very much!


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this. First of all, the hotkey to change the brush size is as follows:

    1) Select any of the brush tools from the annotation pallet

    2) Hold down shift and move your mouse (no clicks necessary)

    You should see the brush size change as if you are dragging the radius in and out.

    I am still working on a way to add more hotkeys. Please let me get back to you on that one.



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    Jon Morley

    Bah that was embarrassing.  I had a simple typo in my sample case.

    Josh, below is an example of a hotkey binding I added to my personal .rvrc.mu file from my home directory:

    app_utils.bind("key-down--X", :(void; Event event)


        require annotate_mode;

        annotate_mode.AnnotateMinorMode mode = rvui.minorModeFromName("annotate_mode");

        print("jon was here: %s\n" % mode._modeName);



    This is an extremely simple binding to clearPaint. You can bind to any of the methods in the AnnotateMinorMode, but you need to make sure the mode is already active before you can use rvui to get you a handle on the mode with minorModeFromName().

    Please give this a shot and let me know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for.



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