Asset Pixel Inspector proof of concept demo

One of the most common ways to waste production time is to review shots that have the wrong stuff in them. This is particularly bad in dailies reviews where the whole crew can end up sitting through a long discussion of a shot, only to realize at the end that the model was an old version or the new lighting did not make it into the render. This video shows an approach to avoiding these kinds of mistakes by using a special Pixel Inspector in RV that can look up information about the shot by indexing into a separate false-color image layer. Please note, this is not a production ready tool, it’s a quick hack to demonstrate the concept.

The code is simply a modified version of the RV color inspector. It took longer to roto the background image than it did to modify the RV color inspector to work this way. We like these kinds of production solutions because they are fundamentally low tech but can have a big impact on production. If your tools are flexible and customizable like RV, these kinds of solutions are easy to implement.