RV 3.12 Release Notes

RV 4.0 is out!  Release notes for the 4.0 release series will be tracked here.


RV 3.12 Release Notes

CAVEATS and KNOWN ISSUES (last updated 11 February 2013)
As usual we'll update this page, including known issues, throughout the release process, so you can subscribe to this forum thread if you want to get notification of newly discovered issues or additional releases in this series.
  • These notes list all changes since RV 3.10.13. Complete release notes from the 3.10 release series are also available; please see this page

Version 3.12.20 (RELEASE)

  • Full support for multi-view EXR with multiple layers: can see a single layer in stereo.

  • Performance improvements to caching in general, multi-view EXR files in particular.

  • Environment variable to turn off LUT-sharing optimization.

  • X264 h.264 encoder: provide access to vfr_input param, to force CFR over input.

  • Remote sync: sync rangeOffset/Start properties if use selects "ImageFormat" sync category.

  • Environment variable to hide movie export options.

  • "Frame Width" for Presentation Mode.

  • Added 1.77 matte to default list.

  • Shotgun module: fall back to other media if selected media not present on disk.

  • Some incomplete jpeg images were causing crash.

  • Remote syc: properly sing Hardware stereo mode if requested by user.

  • Scrubbing with wipes active produced error messages.

  • Image info and other HUD widgets could sometimes flicker during scrubbing.

  • Crash caused by calling Python rv.runtime.eval early during mode creation.

  • "Frame Width" hotkey now works with hidden menubar.

  • Kona RVS-DI: support for "1080p 2K" (2048 x 1080) formats.

  • Kona RV-SDI: Ensure full-range video output, not SMPTE.

  • Nvidia RV-SDI: refresh-rate confusion in some modes was causing incorrect FPS.

  • Support for buffering some RGBA 10bit dpx files in 16bit.

  • Playing "off the end" of Region Cache could sometimes cause the cache to grow without bound.

  • Some PSD files were not read properly.

  • RVLS was not finding OIIO plugins.

  • Movies with longer audio than video could cause mis-estimation of frame rate.

  • Handle FFMpeg-generated movies with corrupt SoundDescription structure more robustly.

Version 3.12.19 (RELEASE)

  • Improved Monitor Refresh Rate Discovery RV now talks to the hardware and driver at a lower level in order to determine the monitor referesh rate (resulting in smoother playback in some cases).

  • OpenJPEG 1.5.1 better support for JPEG2000

  • LUT Sharing If many Sources share the same File or Look LUTs, they will now also share the LUT data internally, which can speed up load times.

  • "Blank" movieprocs can be constructed from the command line or Session Manager to facilitate the construction of sequences with "holes".

  • RV JavaScript support for Python "exec" call, for multi-line Python execution from Webview plugins.

  • Load time greatly improved for Sources with audio.

  • In Layout views, the "source frame number" will now be taken from the first input to the Layout.

  • When encoding with x264 codec, -vv flag lists all parameter values (default and user-set).

  • QCursor class available to Mu scripting.

  • Mu mainWindowWidget() command returns main RV View as QWidget.

  • Average audio layers of single source instead of adding; so both stereo eyes can contain audio.

  • Better support for 3DL LUT files generated by Color Symmetry.

  • Additional stereo hot-keys to set per-source (not global) stereo offset.

  • JPEG2000 files with unspecified colorspace are now assumed to have XYZ primaries, and to use a Gamma 2.6 transfer function.

  • Saving session to unwritable location used to silently fail, now you get a warning dialog.

  • Session Manager was not remembering it’s open/closed state.

  • Missing Frame Bling package now has the option to not display any on-screen feedback.

  • Encoding with x264 codec produced error messages.

  • Loading LUT data with caching active could occasionally crash.

  • Changing Pre-Cache LUT now properly triggers re-caching.

  • More informative error messages when RV Package install fails.

  • Session files with user-added escaped characters are now written correctly.

  • Some modifications to Source layers were not reflected in Session Manager.

  • RVNuke: On render of restricted frame range, the larger frame range is retained.

  • RVNuke: When creating Nuke Read Nodes from RV Sources, support any style of frame numbering.

  • Some Apple Quicktime components (eg DNxHD) produced errors during playback.

  • Pixel inspector of group views (Stack, Layout, Sequence) was not updating when input order changed.

  • Sequence From File Package on windows would attempt to make a sequence out of directories that seemed to contain a frame number.

  • Selecting File→Export→CurrentSourceFrame could crash with some DPX files.

  • Cursor in presentation mode could be offset from correct position.

  • Drag-and-Drop of many directories on windows could cause error if the directory names seemed to contain a frame number.

  • Wipes drawing on presentation device could be offset if Stack contained elements with different aspect ratios.

  • UI Style/Font control added to RVSDI.

  • Open file limit set too low on some versions of OSX.

  • Reading 12bit dpx files into 16bit buffer could cause crash.

  • Memory leak associated with "parking" on incomplete frame fixed.

  • Crash associated with reading some incomplete DPX files.

  • Error during LUT read from session file could disable future file open, and leave "stale" error message on screen.

Version 3.12.18 (RELEASE)

  • Auto-Load Right Eye for Stereo Optional Stereo Autoload Package allows on-demand or automatic loading of appropriately named right-eye media (see docs and turn on in Packages Preferences tab).

  • "Cycle" operations, when the current view is a Layout or Sequence of Stacks (or Folders), will "drill down" to cycle the underlying object. IE "()" will cycle versions if the view is a sequence or layout of folders of versions.

  • Optional Scrub Offset Package allows you to slide sources in time in a Layout or Stack.

  • Optional Versioning Prototype Package implements one style of "versioning" and provides an example of mixed Mu/Python package. Docs here.

  • Adjust color, or other per-source params in a Stack with split screen using the virtual slider "select" hotkey, as in a Layout.

  • Windows UNC paths were mis-handled by file browser due to Qt bugs.

  • Some movies in 32-bit RV (mac, windows) were holding the second-to-last frame instead of playing the last frame.

  • Buffer overrun in libquicktime codecs filename was causing occasional crashes on linux.

  • Windows first startup or with -noPrefs with some audio devices was sometimes crashing.

  • Occasional Presentation Mode crash when pointer is shown in "separate" render mode.

  • Crashes and mis-renders of "multiview" exr files that contain only a single view.

  • "Read 3-channel images into planar textures" preference was not being saved.

  • RV could crash in Revolver/Shotgun when constructing nil string in Mu (windows only).

  • Adjust stereo cache management to minimize re-caching when switching eg from left-only to right-only stereo modes.

  • RVIO DPX writer was writing large floating point values instead of the specified "undefined" value for some header fields.

  • The -outfps flag will now generate values in both DPX frame rate header fields by default.

  • More informative error messages when -crop numbers are nonsensical.

  • Bit-depth info in ImageInfo for 8- and 16-bit DPX files was sometimes incorrect.

  • Next/previous matching frame navigation fixed.

  • User/Custom attributes on ImageSources now show up in ImageInfo.

  • Protect against locally-set QT_PLUGIN_PATH, which can cause RV to load libs/plugins from the wrong version of Qt.

  • When RV cannot find a license, it could sometimes crash.

  • When license is set via cmd-line or environment variable, show that license in License Installer.

  • Show "Maintenance Expiration" date in License Installer.

Version 3.12.17 (RELEASE)

  • Mistika (.js) File Support (10bit RGB only so far).

  • RVIO QuickTime Timecode Output Linux and Mac64 only. See -formats output for parameters. Sample usage:

     rvio -o foo.mov foo.1001-1100.jpg -v -outparams timecode/start=1001 timecode/rate=24 timcode/flags=drop
  • GUI font size preferences.

  • Double-click in empty Session triggers Open… dialog.

  • RVIO supports -noSequence flag

  • Preferences to swap scanlines in Scanline/Checker stereo modes on Render and Video preference tabs.

  • 3-channel EXR images planar by default. Since this is almost always faster. There is a preference to turn this off.

  • Preference for default hardware texturing filter (Linear or Nearest Neighbor)

  • RV_COMPILED_PRELUT_SIZE environment variable controls target/resampled size of CSP preluts (default 2048).

  • Qt upgraded to 4.8.2. This fixes JavaScript bug that broke Revolver rendering (all platforms).

  • View menu now has a No Correction item.

  • All relevant pixel formats are now available in Cineon/DPX preferences.

  • View→PresentationSettings→Wipes controls whether Wipes are visible in Presentation Mode.

  • "White" background option.

  • New event "session-initialized" is sent after all modes are toggled, command line is processed, etc.


  • Scanline/Checker stereo display modes could get "stuck" in a swapped-eye state.

  • In Presentation Mode, wipes mode could sometimes cause crash.

  • RVSDI crash on initialization (windows only).

  • Scanline/Checker stereo eye configuration sometimes flipped when mouse entered window.

  • CDL color properties properly transfer during remote sync sessions.

  • On some systems the "RV" style could produce vertical scrollbars too small to grab.

  • Hitting "spacebar" while Console window was up could clear Console text.

  • Per-format environment variable controls work again.

  • Turning on EXR "RGBA Only" preference was causing errors.

  • In some cases, both eyes were being cached when viewing stereo media in a mono mode.

  • Switching from mono to stereo modes did not always cause additional caching when it should.

  • Turning on Presentation mode did not always cause additional caching when it should.

  • Use of Pre-Cache LUT with stereo media caused very slow playback.

  • Setting Zoom with number keys did not work properly if no other key/mouse events had occured.

  • Wipes are rendered correctly in presentation mode.

  • Some GUI (pointer, etc) was only drawing in left eye for stereo Presentation Mode settings.

  • Shotgun: invalid Shotgun server URL could sometimes be stored in Preferences.

  • LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR no longer effects RV. If you want to pass additional libquicktime plugin directories, use TWK_LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR.

  • Some quicktimes on Linux/Mac64 (esp produced by Flame) would report "No Frames".

  • Cropped 10bit DPX files had graphical artifacts when cached as 10bits.

  • Per-source FPS option was not affecting the default sequence FPS.

  • RVColorNode "active" property can now be turned off without causing rendering artifacts.

  • UI Style preference selector would sometimes come up blank.

  • Early-running user scripting code could cause crash.

  • Uncrop use caused exception in Source Details widget rendering.

Version 3.12.16 (RELEASE)

  • Per-Channel Virtual Slider Color Control All color attributes with virtual-slider style parameter editing can now be "un-ganged" with the r/g/b hotkeys.

  • First-class "File Gamma" linearization option (separate from interactive gamma control).

  • Qt upgraded to 4.8.1. This fixes performance regression on Windows.

  • X264 upgraded

  • FFmpeg upgraded to 0.10

  • LibQuicktime upgraded to 1.2.4

  • Many changes to GUI code to reduce hesitations during playback on Windows.

  • Webview package could be mis-rendered on some platforms.

  • Windows timers could loose precision over very long playtimes.

  • Workaround for OSX Lion change that caused problems opening a large number of media files.

  • RV_SUPPORT_PATH that contained symbolic links could cause problems for package config.

  • RVIO with number of frames less than number of threads would write garbage pixels.

  • IPhone movies with garbage scale header values now handled correctly.

  • Crash on linux in some cases when vsync was set on in the preferences.

  • Some images with string attributes were causing a memory leak.

  • Commands setIntProperty and setByteProperty were not handling width parameter properly.

  • Some movies rendered by Flame could cause a crash in 32-bit RV.

  • On Windows and Linux, presentation mode window could remain open after RV controller window is closed.

Version 3.12.15 (RELEASE)

  • Session Manager support for separate Views, Layers, and Channels

    • See source’s views/layers/channels listed under Source in Session manager.

    • Select individual views/layers/channels for viewing

    • Include views/layers/channels in "group" views like Layouts and Stacks

    • Drag-and-drop views/layers/channels into existing group views.

    • In-memory ImageSources also supported.

  • New Image Format Support via Open Image IO (on all platforms except Windows 32bit, or as noted below)

    • Softimage (PIC) read

    • Photoshop PSD read (with layers), mac and linux only

    • RLA write

    • PNM read/write

    • PTex read

    • SGI write

    • WebP read/write

  • New RVPUSH Options and utilities (documentation here):

    • -tag <tag> option to limit RVPUSH communication to "matching" RV process.

    • url command to pass RVLINK URL to running RV for processing.

    • Windows/Linux RVLINK URL handlers using RVPUSH for instant viewing.

    • Windows "openwith" registry file using RVPUSH for instant "double-click" viewing.

    • mu-eval-return command to evaluate Mu in runing RV and return result.

    • py-eval-return command to evaluate Python in runing RV and return result.

  • RED R3D support on Windows (and improved R3D decoder control on all platforms).

  • RVSDI: Experimental Support for AJA Kona and IO/XT SDI on Mac All feedback welcome.

  • Source Details HUD Widget Displays everything about an individual source: color, scaling, media paths, etc.

  • Overlay Nodes in the Session File can be used to create custom meta-data overlays per source.

  • Maya Integration Package Layout, Compare, Stack your playblasts. Render directly into editorial context.

  • File Browser has Current Directory item for quick access to current working directory.

  • This version uses Qt 4.8.

  • Functional "Dark" GUI style on Mac. All styles on all platforms unified with CSS support replacing obsolete "palette" implementation. If you have custom Qt GUI running in RV you may need to adjust your style support to match. If so, please email support !

  • Added "j2c" alias for JPEG2000 stream files.

  • Stereo hotkeys mode: stereo off is now "O", and "/" resets all stereo offsets.

  • File Open dialog geometry is now saved/restored.

  • OpenGTO Python module disted in compiled form on all platforms (for python writing of RV Session files).

  • Save network port in file: -flags networkPortFile=foo will cause RV to write the network port number to foo on startup.

  • Shotgun: UI name for source from Versions will be Version name.

  • RVLS now optionally shows all RED metadata.

  • Mu/Python nodesInGroupOfType utility function.

  • Mu/Python popupMenuAtPoint function allows specific x/y for menu.

  • New event "source-group-complete" sent when source group contents (media, luts, etc) are complete.

  • Image info shows "Retimed FPS" if source has been retimed.

  • RED SDK upgrade.

  • ARRI SDK upgrade.

  • Presentation mode: pointer optionally drawn on presentation device, even in Mirrored mode.

  • New nodeRangeInfo() mu/python command (gets frame ranges: start, end, in, out, inc, fps).

  • RVNUKE: support hash characters in read node media strings as single-digit placeholder.

  • Simple override of linearizing transorm policy via environment variables.

  • All incoming 8bit files with no transfer function metadata are assumed to be sRGB.

  • EXR "inherit channels" functionality now on by default.

  • Windows: all applications compiled with Visual Studio 2010.

  • Crash when reading some TIFF files with custom ASCII tags.

  • Opening Session Manager was causing a reset of wipes tool.

  • Mattes working in stereo display modes again.

  • Python menus: "None" value now allowed as docs describe.

  • Ignore/Handle SSL and other http errors in MuQt QWebviews.

  • Mis-handling of python callbacks in Mu that was triggering eventual crash.

  • Ref-counting error in python readSettings() was causing garbage return values.

  • RVIO crash when input session file applies a display LUT.

  • RVIO crash when input sequence has incomplete files in the middle.

  • Pixels from network connection were sometimes going to the wrong eye/view.

  • Pulseaudio package mismatch workaround prevents associated audio crashes.

  • Sequence-from-file code was failing in some cases (particularly when called from shotgun media swap).

  • Scrub in timeline and ImageStrip were broken when viewing R3D images.

  • Improved checking for unexpected nil/None args to Mu/Python commands.

  • Fix for ancient libquicktime bug that prevented rvio-generated (lin64, mac64) movies from playing in latest Apple QuickTime.

  • Python crash triggered by use of writeSettings() command.

  • Look-ahead cache misbehaving on some short clips with "look-behind" set to 0.

  • Crash when closing second open session when Session Manager is up (mac only).

  • Timing adjustments in RV-SDI fix some playback irregularities.

  • Don’t try to assemble sequences out of "filenames" that have sequence chars (#@%) in them.

  • In some cases, missing media on one end of sync session would break looping playback.

  • RVSDI "Error" output for unloaded devices changed to "Info".

  • Pixel format IO option was not being passed to DPX IO in some cases.

  • Further reduce "excessive" window activation ("pop-to-top") on linux.

  • Crash on open for RV/RV64/RVSDI when some unusual "locale" variables are set.

  • Session Manager resize when entering/exiting Presentation Mode.

  • Python sys.platform now properly returns "linux2" on linux.

  • Click-to-scrub was not working when current images in sequence was incomplete.

  • Python _ssl module disted on linux (fixes https support in httplib module).

  • Crash on exit when some dialogs are left open.

  • Optional Packages loaded, loaded packages "turned off" were not remembered across RV versions if installed in different directories.

Version 3.12.14 (RELEASE)

  • Rendering of annotation in stereo presentation modes with "mirrored" rendering was broken.

  • A rendering race condition could have caused flickering or incomplete rendering in stereo presentaion modes.

  • NVIDIA SDI output could get "locked" after an open/close/open of the SDI device.

  • Incorrect framing of stereo images in side-by-side mode when Timeline Magnifier is on.

  • One-frame error in duration computation of some audio-only media.

  • Python Global Interpreter Lock management to improve RV’s interaction with multi-threaded Python APIs like pyqt and pyside.

  • Python pointer events had garbage coordinates.

  • Exception in Python MinorMode toggle() method.

  • Early check for required $HOME variable to prevent later crash.

  • Special characters in media filenames ("(*+[]") were confusing automated sequence assembly.

  • Sequences now correctly assembled from some multi-sequence file collections, if the frame numbers are contiguous and other numbers in the filenames are not.

  • Audio-only sources were being resampled (causing artifacts) when played back at fps other than the default.

  • Sequences of version 4 Arriraw files can now be read.

  • Audio was not coming through a Switch node from a Source trimed with cutIn/Out.

  • Packages turned on/off by user on Windows were not being properly "remembered".

  • 10-bit DPX files were producing an error when scaled down for caching and displayed in OpenGL 10-bit format.

  • Some resize operations (on movies targeting an odd height) with RVIO produced a line of garbage pixels at bottom of frame.

  • File Browser dialog adjusted to provide more space to for filename entry.

  • Rare bug that could produce un-readable session files.

  • Standard wrapper for py-interp on linux.

  • RVIO was erroneously claiming to be able to write "sgi" files.

  • Shotgun integration package: fix for processing windows file paths that could generate corrupt session files.

Version 3.12.13 (RELEASE)

  • RV-SDI supports AJA Kona This is only for AMD GFX cards and only on Windows at the moment. As of this writing the latest Beta AMD driver is required.

  • Standard compiled python modules disted on windows.

  • Python multiprocessing module added on all platforms.

  • Presentation mode 1-1 scale item on Image→Scale menu.

  • Original PYTHONHOME variable saved in RV_PYTHONHOME_EXTERNAL for child processes' use.

  • Pixel inspector pointer visibility improved.

  • EXR output params of type M44f, M33f added.

  • Matte opacity now "remembered" across sessions.

  • Play-All-Frames mode now incorporates audio system latency, so we have a better chance of video/audio sync even in this mode.

  • RVIO was outputting too many frames in cases where per-source cut info was used to define the EDL.

  • Many improvements to matte drawing, including: fixed "flip" and "rotate" behavior, drawing in Stack and Layout.

  • Timing in custom Sequence EDL found in session file no longer overridden (when autoEDL property is FALSE).

  • Windows license installer now properly acquires administrative privileges if necessary.

  • Occasional RVIO crash on input quicktimes.

  • Allow reading of some depth-only IFF files.

  • Better handle truncated DPX files.

  • Python string return values properly reference-counted.

  • GL errors during some remote sync sessions.

  • Python output from packages now shows up in Console.

  • RV python console utility py-interp interactive on windows.

  • Distributed system Python module directories added to front of PYTHONPATH.

  • Problems with RV coming up on incorrect screen (or even off-screen in some windows cases).

  • Crash when playing Stack/Switch nodes with no inputs.

  • Additional global audio offset was not being applied.

  • Commands that return Mu nil string now properly converted to None in Python, fixing crash in propertyInfo.

  • All commands that take nil in Mu versions now accept None in Python versions.

  • Erroneous Mu/Python argument conversion error messages fixed.

  • Python function objects now accepted by Mu code expecting a Mu lambda (as long as arguments and return convert appropriately).

  • Additional custom Mu/Python type conversions can be added by the user.

  • Event objects properly converted for Python event handlers.

  • Python Minor Modes properly handle "render" and "layout" events.

  • Support version 4.0 ARRIRAW files as version 3.1 (this is an internal parameters version number).

  • Frame rate changes in Scrubbing mode now properly recache audio to preserve sync.

  • All appropriate drag-and-drop actions now utilize progressive (asynchronous) loading.

  • Crash fixed when Sequence has inputs with no imagery.

  • Some movie files read with Apple Quicktime reported incorrect length or fps (mac32 and win32).

  • Playlist package updated for latest RV versions.

  • Additional checking for illegal RV Package names.

  • RVIO "-tio" option fixed.

  • Handling of sequences with missing files and no frame range ("foo.#.jpg") fixed.

  • Additional RV-SDI fail-safe checks.

  • Small graphical shift when erasing annotation removed.

  • Crash on linux when creating empty Folder or Stack view.

Version 3.12.12 (RELEASE)

  • Playback stability improvements especially in Presentation Mode.

  • Linux info/warnings about various vsync settings.

  • Show DPX file data offset in image metadata.

  • RVPUSH improvements: merge session files, "py-exec" command added.

  • Source frame display when viewing Stack is source frame of top stack element.

  • PYTHONPATH at startup is saved in RV_PYTHONPATH_EXTERNAL environment variable for later use by sub-processes.

  • Python rv.runtim.eval() function to evaluate arbitrary Mu code from Python.

  • Symbolic constants from commands module (CheckedMenuState, etc) reflected in Python rv.commands module.

  • Added "txt" alias for tiff files to support Pixar Tiff textures in "txt" files.

  • RVNuke Version 1.7

    • Bracket all RV media changes with caching threads halt/restart, which prevents at least one crash.

    • Handle case of "offset" frame ranges in Read node with synced corresponding rangeOffset on RV side.

    • Don’t restrict render frame range to that of node, since it seems the global range is often more correct (in future need choice).

    • Get better frame ranges for Read/Write viewing to prevent single-frame source on RV side.

    • Cleaner disconnect in the case where RV shuts down first.

    • Don’t restart RV automatically after crash or other unexpected exit.

  • DPX files from RVIO with 2k image alignment would not read into Davinci Resolve.

  • Stack’s Align Start Frames option sometimes added extra frames, or failed to align properly.

  • Shotgun: Support Version entities that were created by a Script rather than a User.

  • Allow annotation to draw on stack even when wipes are on.

  • Icon mode in File Browser now "sticks" across RV runs.

  • Catch C++ exceptions at Python level and convert to Python exceptions.

  • Apply pixelAspect changes from GUI only to sources.

  • If RV_KDE_RESTRICT_ACTIVATION environment variable is set, restrict window activation to prevent KDE pop-to-top on mouse over behavior.

  • Window Title package fixes: set when viewing Sources, set when stack inputs re-ordered, set on startup (before first frame change).

  • On windows, "-debug plugins" option no longer causes crash.

  • Windows "Fit" function no longer malfunctions in full-screen.

  • Session Manager disappearing on minimization/restore (linux, windows) or when changing workspaces and returning (linux) fixed.

Version 3.12.11 (RELEASE)

  • Python Support this is the first general BETA for Python support in RV. We expect to find problems.

  • Rework of Hierarchical Preferences The heirarchical initialization is less aggressive and there is a separate path for truly destructive overriding of preferences (details here).

  • Additional DPX I/O fast paths for large files (greater than 2K). This can increase streaming speed for 8, 10, and 16 bit RGB files especially if the file is little-endian.

  • ARRI SDK updated

  • RVIO DPX sequence writing will output timecode and frame position starting at first frame of sequence. You can set the start TV and/or user timecode header values.

  • Network contact permission management improvements

  • File browser auto-refresh is optional

  • The Mu module extra_commands is automatically wrapped for Python

  • rvpush has py-eval option

  • PACKAGE files can now specify exact install locations for packaged files

  • ''f'' hotkey added to stereo keys for "turn off stereo"

  • Video resolution prefs on windows will automatically add non-standard (custom) resolutions if the monitor is already in that mode

  • EXR reader will use default layer if it doesn’t find a specific requested layer

  • RVIO audio was out of sync when a leader was specified

  • F3 key binding was failing with timeline magnifier when menu bar was hidden.

  • DPX image info can read only headers even when filesystem does not support memory mapping.

  • DPX YUV image fixes for windows

  • DLP and Checker stereo drawing mode fixes for nested stacks and sequences.

  • Python is compiled UCS 4 on linux

  • Session manager drag and drop failure on windows 7

  • EXR source frame export had wrong orientation

  • CSP LUT reader ignore Metadata block

  • Python improved error reporting on startup and when a package is loaded.

  • Override pythons SIGINT handler so you can control-c out of RV

  • rvui.py check return status of eval to prevent unncessary setReturnEvent()

  • Qt upgraded to 4.7.4 (except Win64, which is at Qt 4.7.2)

  • Eliminate erroneous "Incomplete Image" message from some DPX files.

Version 3.12.10 (RELEASE)

  • RVPUSH: command-line control of RV The rvpush utility provides control of the latest-started running RV from the command line. You can set media contents, or merge in new media, or execute arbitrary scripting commands.

  • Environment variable access to ARRI SDK decode parameters.

  • Allow user to specify alternate RVIO for export (with RV_RVIO_APP environment variable), even on Windows.

  • Hotkey to toggle Presentation Mode (control/command-P).

  • The -noPrefs command line option now prevents changes to the preferences file as well as not reading it on startup.

  • Mix of missing and present media files on RV command line could cause RV to hang.

  • Error in ARRI logC shader fixed.

  • With sequences of a particular length (2000-2500) frames, the Timeline Magnifier could absorb a lot of CPU and slow down playback.

  • ARRI file IO: use better debayering.

  • U/V channelse were swapped when reading YUV 422 DPX files.

  • Stack node at slower (than native) fps sometimes clipped audio.

  • Fixed occasional problem where remote sync interferred with changes to in/out points.

  • Ignore very small (but not zero) FPS fields in mis-written image files.

  • RVIO output audio was offset in the presence of a leader (slate).

Version 3.12.9 (BETA)

  • Automatic Multi-way Sync. Sync connections will be formed with all existing connections of a new contact. For example, A and B are synced. If B connects to C, the sync connection between C and A will be created automatically.

  • Matte rendering in presentation mode fixed.

  • Errors from HUD widgets when viewing ImageSource fixed.

  • Format gto file building utilites limited to files that match naming convention.

  • Occasional interference between checker/scanline stereo modes and wipes fixed.

  • Use standard logC values when no parameters are provided.

  • Compensate for JPEG files with bad x/y pixel densities.

  • Occasional spurious output in ACES primaries from rvio fixed.

Version 3.12.8 (BETA)

  • Two-Way JavaScript Support JavaScript running in a QWebView hosted by RV can now register JavaScript callbacks for RV events, as well as execute arbitrary code on the RV side. Documentation here.

  • HDMI 1.4a Frame Packed Support Full-res HD stereo from any HDMI 1.4a-compliant device. In this first pass, you must set up the Frame Packed display resolution outside of RV, but once it’s there RV should be able to use it. On the Mac, RV will switch the resolution to the Frame Packed during presentation mode, but on Linux and Windows, you’ll need to activate that resolution yourself. Details here.

  • Annotation erase brushes fixed.

  • Pixel inspector was reporting values for the wrong pixel in some cases of EXR files with interesting data windows.

  • Ensure that audio added with setSourceMedia() causes initialization of the audio renderer.

  • Fix for reading CIN/DPX files from filesystem that does not support memmory-mapped IO.

  • Allow for mis-written DPX headers with zeros in horizontal/vertical pixel aspect fields.

  • Preferences dialog would revert previous user changes when it was made visible without closing.

  • Fixed errors when "relocating" one type of stereo source (say "sxr") to another (say "mov").

  • Fixed matte rendering in presentation mode when using mirrored output/control rendering.

Version 3.12.7 (BETA)

  • Presentation Mode lets you display a full screen view on one monitor while controlling the playback from another. This is the same interface used by rvsdi. See the "Video" tab in the preferences and View→Presentation Mode.

  • DVI and HDMI 1.4a Support support for stereo TVs via presentation mode. Some setup is required to enable certain modes via third party tools or editing config files. (We’re still working on this as of 3.12.7). Supported stereo modes include HDMI 1.4 Side-by-Side and Top-and-Bottom, scanline interleave, and DLP checker. HDMI 1.4a "Frame Packing" mode will be supported in a future release.

  • ARRI Alexa Raw file handeling. LogC conversion using the exposure index automatically.

  • RED Raw (r3d). First pass at RED file support.

  • ACES Files and Color Space First pass at ACES support including writing .aces files from RVIO.

  • Output Primaries RV can now output to spaces other than Rec709 (e.g. P3). Currently this can be accomplished only via offline session file creation.

  • CDL (Color Decision List) support in the color node. These are not yet available via the UI.

  • RVIO EXR Attributes can be passed through from incoming files and/or new attributes can be created on the command line using -outparams.

  • RVIO DPX Header Fields can be addressed and written to from the command line directly.

  • RVIO white point can be changed on output.

  • Shotgun Integration v1.42

    • XMLRPC API extensions courtesy of Rob Blau (Thanks!)

    • Drag-and-drop of Version/Shot/Asset/User/Playlist URL from Shotgun to RV.

    • Support for sessions mixing sources from Shotgun, and not.

    • Properly trigger automatic color management when switching media types.

    • "Current source only" menu options no longer disabled for stereo sources.

    • Always load entire frame range for "Full Range" sources, regardless min/max frame shotgun fields.

    • Fix for garbled timeline in some cases of missing media.

  • Nuke Integration v1.5 Support for proxy render/checkpoint output.

  • Mouse-driven continuous zoom is now centered on the pointer position. This is a change to the default behavior, so please let us know if you prefer the old behavior.

  • Separate cache size preferences for 32/64bit rv.

  • Menu item to reset all stereo offsets.

  • Additional global audio offset preference to allow for video latency.

  • Additional user-settable display matrix and chromaticities in session file.

  • Allow caller of rv to set RV_APP_RVIO to use eg 32bit rvio with 64bit rv.

  • User-defined modes can set "_drawOnPresentationDevice" flag to control drawing of HUD elements on presentation device.

  • RVIO upgraded to Mesa 7.10.2

  • RV upgraded to Qt 4.7.2/3 on all platforms.

  • Add display "comment" in movie image attributes if present (linux, mac64 only).

  • User modes can register "on-quit" messages to require user to confirm any Quit action.

  • User is required to confirm any Quit action while a sync connection is active.

  • User modes are queried when a URL is dropped on the view and can handle the drop themselves (and display appropriate message in drop target area).

  • Per-source command-line arg "-rso" (Right-eye Stereo Offset)

  • Startup policy is now to start on same screen as pointer unless user chooses a specific screen.

  • Linux version now uses google’s breakpad for crash logs. If rv crashes, please send us the resulting ".dmp" file for analysis.

  • Repeated press of "\" (clear in/out points) now remembers and restores previous in/out points.

  • Window/Fit ("w") now sizes the window to fit the media without changing current zoom (if the resulting window fits on the screen).

  • "Topmost" stack comp mode renders only the topmost image in stack.

  • "Strict Frame Ranges" option on stack only renders inputs whose frame ranges overlap the current frame (IE first/last frames are not held).

  • "First Visible" audio option on stack to hear only the audio of the topmost visible element in the stack.

  • "-layer" command-line option to layer elements in stack in topmost mode with strict frame ranges and "first visible" audio.

  • Upgrade rv/rvio to FFmpeg 0.7 RC1.

  • RVIO "-outwhite <x> <y>" command-line option to set output white CIE 1931 chromaticity.

  • RVIO "-outillum <illuminant>" command-line option to set output standard illuminant name (A-C, D50, D55, D65, D75, E, F[1-12]).

  • Command-line option "-playMode" to control default playback mode (realtime vs play-all-frames).

  • Hotkeys and menu items to jump from to the "same frame" of the next or previous shot in a sequence.

  • Relocate media browser now starts in the directory of the current media

  • Pixel inspector was sometimes reporting sampled pixel coordinates incorrectly.

  • ImageInfo: don’t leave dangling file handle to TIFF files.

  • rvio/rvio_hw/rvls wrappers don’t print value of RVHOME env var.

  • Optional export_cuts package fixed.

  • Properly set timescale/duration in output quicktime for 23.976 FPS.

  • If EXR does not contain RGB channels, map first three channels to RGB.

  • In some cases (especially when writing of some output images caused an error), rvio could hang forever.

  • ProcessInfo mode was sometimes inteferring with annotation events.

  • Don’t show "play" feedback on screen during sync if "show feedback" pref is off.

  • Prevent Qt layer from interpreting -geometry flag, so -geoemtry should behave on linux as on other platforms.

  • Timeline and other HUD not longer disappear on error/partial images.

  • During sync, if A/B have audio scrubbing on and A scrubs, B now hears audio.

  • Drag from Sources section of Session Manager was causing source to temporarily disappear from list.

  • "Force Reload Region" hotkey now works when main menu bar is hidden.

  • "Relocate Movie or Image Sequence" does not cause crash and does cause cache flush and reload.

  • RVIO "-outpa" command line arg sets EXR/pixelAspectRatio attribute.

  • Removing an RV Package now properly removes the associated SupportFiles directory as well.

  • In some cases, single files with "range-like" strings in the name were mistakenly expanded into sequences.

  • Filter out spurious "this tablet device is unknown" messages from Qt.

  • OSX "ERROR: thread_policy_set failed" message demoted to a more informative INFO message.

  • Some EXR channel patterns could cause rv/rvio to crash during multi-threaded IO.

  • Fixed bug that zeroed out first "range offset" frames of audio in stack.

  • Don’t show sync feedback for play/stop that occurs during looping or ping-ponging.

  • Fix for "skip back" behavior during looping when synced with large latency.

  • Mouse wheel "scroll" events no longer modify combo boxes in preferences dialog.

  • Default playback mode preference fixed.

  • Double conversion to REC709 was introducing small errors in some output output EXRs.



  • 0
    Viet Nguyen

    At what point in the render pipeline does the CDL get applied?

  • 0
    Alan Trombla


    Hi Viet,

    Sorry, missed your question here somehow.  The CDL is currently applied after the media is linearized, just before the Look LUT is applied as you can see in this illustration from the RV manual.  In a future release there will be an additional CDL node, which will act before linearization (in file space).



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