Setting DPX header values with RVIO

RVIO 3.10.11 and onward is capable of setting most of the DPX header values
from the command line manually. In addition RVIO will set some header
values (those related to color) automatically if it can. 

Set the project header value:

 rvio in.#.exr -o out.#.dpx -outparams "project=THE PROJECT"

Set colorspace header values:

 rvio in.#.exr -o out.#.dpx -outparams transfer=LINEAR colorimetric=REC709


RVIO will insert the  header values automatically when -out709, -outlog, or -outpa are used.

This is the complete list of output parameters:

transfer Transfer function (LOG, DENSITY, REC709, USER, VIDEO, SMPTE274M, REC601-625, REC601-525, NTSC, PAL, or number)
colorimetric Colorimetric specification (REC709, USER, VIDEO, SMPTE274M, REC601-625, REC601-525, NTSC, PAL, or number)
creator ASCII string
copyright ASCII string
project ASCII string
create_time ISO 8601 ASCII string: YYYY:MM:DD:hh:mm:ssTZ 
film/mfg_id 2 digit manufacturer ID edge code
film/type 2 digit film type edge code
film/offset 2 digit film offset in perfs edge code
film/prefix 6 digit film prefix edge code
film/count 4 digit film count edge code
film/format 32 char film format (e.g. Academy)
film/frame_position Frame position in sequence
film/sequence_len Sequence length
film/frame_rate Frame rate (frames per second)
film/shutter_angle Shutter angle in degrees
film/frame_id 32 character frame identification
film/slate_info 100 character slate info
tv/time_code SMPTE time code
tv/user_bits SMPTE user bits
tv/interlace Interlace (0=no, 1=2:1)
tv/field_num Field number
tv/video_signal Video signal standard 0-254 (see DPX spec)
tv/horizontal_sample_rate Horizontal sampling rate in Hz
tv/vertical_sample_rate Vertical sampling rate in Hz
tv/frame_rate Temporal sampling rate or frame rate in Hz
tv/time_offset Time offset from sync to first pixel in ms
tv/gamma Gamma
tv/black_level Black level
tv/black_gain Black gain
tv/break_point Breakpoint
tv/white_level White level
tv/integration_times Integration times
source/x_offset X offset
source/y_offset X offset
source/x_center X center
source/y_center Y center
source/x_original_size X original size
source/y_original_size Y original size
source/file_name Source file name
source/creation_time Source creation time YYYY:MM:DD:hh:mm:ssTZ
source/input_dev Input device name
source/input_dev Input device serial number
source/border_XL Border validity left
source/border_XR Border validity right
source/border_YT Border validity top
source/border_YB Border validity bottom
source/pixel_aspect_H Pixel aspect ratio horizonal component
source/pixel_aspect_V Pixel aspect ratio vertical component