How to download and install RV

Complete installation instructions can be found in the RV documentation here.

This is a quickstart guide for new users.

1) Download RV from .

2) Install RV

Mac OSX:
Open the .dmg file. Drag the RV icon into the Applications directory.

Windows Installer (msi) version:
Double click on the installer and follow instructions.

Windows Zipped version for manual installation:
Unzip the file, and place the RV directory where you want it.
The executables are in the bin subdirectory. The license goes in the etc subdirectory.

Untar the file. The executables are in the bin subdirectory. The license goes in the etc subdirectory

3) Get a license

If you're not a Shotgun subscriber or you don't have a license, we will need to generate one for you. If you have one, skip this step. RV licenses depend on your MAC address, sometimes called a 'Physical Address' or 'Ethernet ID.' On the OS X you can find this number in your network preferences. On Linux and Windows, the easiest way to get the right number is to install and launch RV. The first time you launch RV on Linux and Windows, the license installer will run-and it will display the HostID. For OS X, find the Ethernet ID in Network Preferences and email the ID to There are more instructions on finding your hostID here.

4) Install your license

When you receive a license, use the 'Add License' button on the license installer to browse to the license file. Then make sure you 'save' to record the license before you exit the installer. If you prefer to do this manually, on linux and Windows, you can simply copy the license into the rv/bin subdirectory and name it 'license.gto.'

5) Troubleshooting

If you're having problems with your license, please see our interactive troubleshooting guide.