RV 3.10 Release Notes


RV 4.0 is out!  Release notes for the 4.0 release series will be tracked here.


RV 3.10 Release Notes

CAVEATS and KNOWN ISSUES (last updated 4/7/2011)
  • Yes, we skipped a 3.10.12 release because we’re coming up on a 3.12 release and thought it’d be less confusing this way.

  • Improvements to remote sync in this release mean that 3.10.13 cannot sync with any earlier release of RV. In that case an Error dialog will inform you of the mis-match.

  • Similarly, annotation in session files saved from this release will not be properly rendered by earlier releases.

Version 3.10.13 (RELEASE)

  • Audio global offset preference and command line option, to allow for audio hardware or cabling with known latency.

  • Optional pointer trails during remote sync. This is to help long-distance sync where pointer motion events arrival at the remote RV may "bunch up".

  • -stereoSwap command-line flag to swap eyes initially.

  • Folders can now be viewed as a Stack as well as a Switch or Layout.

  • Timeline shows timecode hours if needed.

  • Support for multi-element DPX files.

  • Per-application license file location environment variables (for example RV_LICENSE_FILE), with TWEAK_LICENSE_FILE as a fall-back.

  • When processing an rvlink: url, allow non-url command line argments where possible.

  • RV/Nuke 1.4

    • Full support for %Vv-style stereoscopy, including checkpoints and renders.

    • View Write nodes similarly to Read nodes.

    • Better error handling during batch render, disconnect.

    • Session Dir Base preference to specify root directory for new session directories.

    • Newlines in labels no longer cause a problem for checkpointing.

  • RV/Shotgun 1.38

    • Full support for %Vv-style stereoscopic media.

    • If media’s pixelAspect field is missing, fall back to "determined by file".

    • If media’s frameMin/Max field is missing, fall back to full range of media.

    • If media path of requested type is missing, fall back to any available other media.

    • Some problems with support for Shotgun’s locally linked files fixed.

  • RVIO crashes on Windows with -leader and -overlay fixed.

  • Better audio caching behavior when scrubbing is on.

  • Replace RV_PATHSWAP values only at the beginning of the path.

  • Remove INFO: output about plugins unless -debug plugins is set.

  • Annotation sync now truly independent of native image orientation.

  • Synced mouse motion properly accounts for pixel aspect ratio.

  • Stereo display mode is preserved across a sync session load.

  • EXR header pixel aspect ratio respected regardless of exrReadWindow setting.

  • Color channel cross-talk in Contrast computation fixed.

  • Native image orientation of DPX files preserved regardless of bit-depth.

  • Modes with identical event-table sort keys no longer override one another.

  • Asynchronous load of media during sync with addSources now syncs in/out properly.

  • Occasional crash while updating in/out region while looping fixed.

  • Adjust range of "fake" movies created when media is not found to reflect in/out settings.

  • Audio waveform was mis-drawing portions of the first and last audio buffer in in/out range, so it appeared that the audio ended early.

  • RVIO renders (as in QT export) of sources with unspecified fps were assuming 24 regardless of preference, messing up timing of output.

  • Errors when adding a new source during sync while one of annotation/wipes/transform modes is active.

  • Playback of Raw QuickTime with timecode was broken.

  • Lock Pixel Scale During Resize was broken when audio waveform was visible.

  • If stack was cycled before any mouse motion, Image Info/Strip widgets did not update.

  • Precision issue with FPS was causing annotation to sometimes show up on a different frame on session file reload.

  • Semi-random diagonal lines shooting off-screen during annotation fixed.

  • Don’t output INFO: messages from rvls, so the output can be parsed more easily.

  • Nudge key set fixed.

  • Matte drawing fixed on EXRs with smaller data windows.

  • Session properties set at startup were not "sticking" past first media load.

  • Drag-n-Drop of multiple directories was failing when directory names appeared to contain a frame number.

Version 3.10.11 (RELEASE)

  • Complete DPX Header Output Support in rvio. All header parameters are settable from the command line, and many (including color transfer) are set automatically.

  • Hierarchical Preferences Initialization Preferences file found on the path environment variable RV_PREFS_OVERRIDE_PATH will override user preferences if the file is newer than the user’s.

  • Output Multi-threading in rvio for output image file formats that require significant encoding time.

  • X264 Support for H264 Encoding in rvio (linux and mac64 only).

  • EXR Read Window preferences and command line option allow you to select data windows, display window (default for rvio), as well as the union or the portion of the data window within the display window (default for rv).

  • Image/Movie IO components are now plugins, so that only the necessary IO components are loaded.

  • Drag data set by Session Manager contains media info and view node info.

  • Drag from Session Manager to view to set View node.

  • rvio scripts (overlay, etc) are now a separate package, so they can be easily modified or replaced.

  • Show Sync Messages item on Sync menu to control on-screen sync messages.

  • QtTextBrowser class wrapped in Mu.

  • Frame Width Only menu item action.

  • Default frameburn scrip draws frame in red for missing frames.

  • Preference to control Click-to-Play in View and Scrub in View.

  • Startup Screen preference added.

  • after-preferences-write event added.

  • -geometry can now override -fullscreen geometry, so that a menu-less window can span two monitors on Mac.

  • -outpa rvio pixel aspect ratio can now be a pure ratio to set DPX/QT header values exactly.

  • before-clear-session event added.

  • RVIO -out709 option sets COLR quicktime atom.

  • Edited or reordered inputs to default views (sequence, stack, layout) are preserved on session reload where possible.

  • Better handling of sequences of image filenames with the frame number at the beginning or with the embedded frame not surrounded by dots.

  • Repair menu merging: an accelerator key can now be changed or replaced.

  • Improvements to the detection of image file types, so that crashing when presented with an unknown file type is much less likely.

  • Never try to form sequences from directory names.

  • Crash when reloading all frames when caching on.

  • RV/Nuke: send rvnuke-after-source-color-update event after color update.

  • RV/Nuke: work around python Popen bug to prevent error message on exit.

  • RV/Nuke: crash on exit when Nuke render is still running.

  • setSourceMedia() function now respects %V stereo syntax.

  • Crashes when changing media with ImageInfo widget up.

  • renderedImages() and pixelsAtImage() command return correct info in left/right-eye only stereo mode.

  • Window resize when toggling hardware stereo or vsync.

  • Crash on Windows when toggling hardware stereo or vsync.

  • Filename of referenced LUT files is stored in session file, not LUT data.

  • During sync, UI name changes were sometimes not syncing.

  • Crashes caused by overlay writing in rvio with multiple threads on Windows.

  • Source cut in/out was not syncing in some cases.

  • Some properties of Folder/Switch nodes were not syncing.

  • Drag/drop reordering of Folder contents in session manager did not appear to sync.

  • Avoid crash on movie files with bad embedded timecode.

  • Open into layer and DnD into layer now add to current source rather than last source.

  • Image Info or Info Strip over Stack now updates when stack order is cycled.

  • Movie output sometimes had extra frame of audio.

  • Setting contrast to exactly 1.0 was producing no change in contrast.

  • Drop target graphics in view were retained after canceled drop.

  • Optional packages that have been "opted into" are now correctly shown as Loaded in Packages GUI.

  • RVIO -outstereo argument default is separate.

  • Duration Image attribute was incorrect for some movies.

  • -startup screen option applies even when not full-screen.

  • QtTimer-associated crash on exit fixed.

  • Better handle filenames with only a frame number.

  • Input session file was mis-constructed if current RV version could not load referenced media.

  • During sync, with active annotation on both ends, annotation strokes sometimes "attached" to those of sync partner.

Version 3.10.10 (RELEASE)

  • When run from the Windows cmd shell, the RV Package Manager could get confused about package locations.

Version 3.10.9 (RELEASE)

  • RV/Nuke Integration! Too much to explain here. This is installed as an optional package that comes with RV so you don’t need to download it seperately. Links:

  • Switch View a switch view shows one of its children and inherits all of this geometry.

  • Folder View a folder is a view used for organization in the session manager. Folders can form a hierarchy in the UI. A folder can be viewed as either a layout or a switch (currently). Folders are stored in the session file and can be used like any other viewable object.

  • Session File Merging Under File menu you can now merge session files. If more than one sessio file appears on the command line, they will be automatically merged.

  • New way to offset movie/sequence frames you can now use -rs per-source on the command line or the rangeStart property in the FileSourceNode from a session file to force the first frame of a sequence or movie to start at a particular number. This is analogous to the existing -ro (rangeOffset) option. This makes it easy to override timecode in movie files by forcing the first frame to be numbered "1"

  • Nuke style %v and %V notation from the command line. The manual contains some more info on this. By default, "left" and "right", "Left" and "Right", "L" and "R", and "l" and "r" are tried. You can add/change the left and right names using the env vars RV_STEREO_NAME_PAIRS and RV_STEREO_CHAR_PAIRS.

  • Progressive loading now works while session files are being read

  • Fit Window to First Media Loaded preference (cmd-line: -fitMedia)

  • -noBorders command line option for session with no window manager borders (where applicable)

  • MuQt most operators are new wrapped

  • Fit window to first loaded media preference added. This allows similar functionality to rv 3.8.

  • New type of package (optional package) which can be installed but is not loaded by default.

  • More optional packages come installed by default. These packages are not loaded by default, but the user can load them manual from the prefs. These include: export_cuts, sequence_from_file, os_dependent_path_conversion, missing_frame_bling, and rvnuke packages.

  • rvpkg new option -optin to allow force of optional packages to load from the command line. Systems admins can use this to cause all users to get a system installed optional package by default.

  • rvpkg documentation in reference manual.

  • Bug in rvpkg which caused corruption of rvload files and hanging

  • Crash caused by no matching files in sequence pattern

  • rvio exit with non-0 status if failed to write

  • Crash when reading quicktime files on linux and 64 bit mac if the subsampling was not 4:4:4 and one of the image dimensions was odd.

  • DPX, Cineon, jpeg, TIFF, TGA, and EXR readers were write+delete locking on windows.

  • Cineon and DPX readers were locking the file on windows when getting header information.

  • Better handling of NaNs in session files

  • Get rid of fullscreen mode when resize to fit happens.

  • Orphaned top-level nodes in session file can now be identified and reconnected

  • If identified as such, Nuke DPX files are assumed to be Kodak Log transfer

  • MuQt fixes for inheritance causing hanging and crashing

  • Cut in/out points could be out of sync in the UI

  • RV style colors when window was inactive were incorrect

  • File dialog refresh works correctly in column view mode. Also, column view mode will update automatically when its possible.

  • Matte drawing fixed

  • MuQt missing a bunch of slots that had QStandardItem*, QListWidgetItem*, etc args.

  • Be smarter about per-source arguments with negative numbers

  • Start audio sources at frame 1 instead of 0 so they line up with default video frame ranges

  • Some throwing in image info widget

  • rvpkg check for legitimate package names

Version 3.10.8 (RELEASE)

  • Reload options in Tools menu now also check for and load newly-created frames of a sequence

  • Prefetch option is now default. Prefetch has been completely reworked. The new prefetch code increases playback timing stability and frees up rv to use more bandwidth to the graphics card. In addition, a number of performance issues have been improved for kernels that use longer time slices.

  • -scheduler and -priorities command line args for running rv as a real-time application on linux

  • RV is a real-time application on Mac

  • Read 10bit rgba dpx files with unpadded scanlines from arriscan

  • Read Nuke and Shake dpx files with truncated scanlines

  • JPEG-encoded TIFF files supported

  • Play Once play mode (play to end of in/out region, then stop)

  • -geometry x y [w h] command-line options to place and optionally size the RV window

  • -screen n command-line option to place RV on particular display/screen at startup

  • "Disable Scrubbing in View" option/preference on Controls menu

  • Scrub can be clamped to in/out region (Timeline config menu)

  • More Mu documentation, including rvio scripts, encoding module, glttext module

  • MuQt added QTextStream and QTextCodec classes

  • Mu API Browser Search

  • Memory leak in timeline/info widget/magnifier

  • Properly clamp in/out to start/end in all cases

  • Input RV session file was sometimes "locked" on Windows

  • Param edit finish message fades off

  • Allow repeated # in frame range patterns

  • Convert drag events of type Move to Copy, so that Windows explorer will not delete source file

  • Per-frame render workload re-organized to better fit in gaps between vsync

  • Retime nodes in session file were losing output fps property

  • Frames after last existing file in squence were errors, now they contain nearest existing frame

  • Rvpkg now works in Windows console

  • Loop / Play Once / Ping Pong play modes now properly remotely synced

  • Pixel aspect info was getting dropped during some bit-depth conversions

  • Empty mode list in rvpkg file was causing an abort

Version 3.10.7 (RELEASE)

  • Improved startup time

  • Fixed InfoStrip context menu

  • Last frame of audio was being dropped in some cases

Version 3.10.6 (RELEASE)

NOTE: This release is a very fast follow up to 3.10.5. Please review the 3.10.5 release notes as well.

  • Crash could occur when closing and/or opening a new session. This could happen on all platforms but was observed only on the Mac. One user also reported this on Windows although we were not able to reproduce (but this may be the fix for that).

  • Saved annotation settings (brush size, color) were not being read back properly.

  • Annotation menu was throwing when no media was present.

Version 3.10.5 (RELEASE)

  • Shotgun package has been updated for 3.10

  • Export→Marked Frames… and Export→Annotated Frames… will output either single images (if you put e.g. x.#.jpg) or movie file (if you put e.g. out.mov).

  • Edit→Mark Annotated Frames will put marks at every frame that has annotation relative to the current view.

  • File dialog will automatically refresh if new files appear or existing files change in while its looking at a directory.

  • File dialog now has a manual refresh button just in case.

  • File dialog now uses the file type option chooser

  • Sync has new option to allow/disallow syncing media updates (literal file names). This makes it possible to operate more like 3.8 where each sync’d rv could have different media.

  • RV will create proxy (stand-in) sources when it cannot load because of an error.

  • new command closestNodesByType

  • QClipboard is wrapped

  • Lustre .3dl LUT fixes to parser. Some LUTs were being interpreted incorrectly in such a way that they were increasing/decreasing the relative exposure of the input values.

  • Large frame ranges are handled more robustly and are scanned faster.

  • Embedded ICC profiles of very recent (version 4.X) origin no longer crash RV.

  • Annotation would sometimes loose the first "click-through" when changing focus, causing scrubbing instead of drawing.

  • Parameter virtual slider editing incremental adjustments are symmetric

  • Cache correctly purges frames when asked to, so Reload Range works again

  • File dialog could make it impossible to load files because the accept button was non-functional.

  • in some cases default caching was not applied to synced session

  • JPEG reader had the pixel aspect ratio inverted

  • Stereo keys no longer shadow the x key for the session manager

  • Windows now defaults to buffered I/O

  • RVIO was failing to use overlays with both eyes when outputting stereo

  • Stack and layout now correctly trim audio

  • Closing annotation drawing window turns off annotation

  • Format plugin includes have been updated for 3.10

  • doc_browser windows was missing close buttons, etc, on windows

  • Pixel inspector could get confused about which image it was looking at and when.

  • Precache LUT will accept any LUT dimensions (as it did in 3.8) without resampling.

  • Non-power-of-two LUTs are now rounded up instead of down to the nearest power of 2.

  • DPX preference for 10 bit and 16 bit output was not being remembered

  • DPX/Cineon 10 bit packed (direct to card) internal format now works properly with precache LUTs and other software operations.

  • Default source setup color policy now always applies file color transform even if it gives up on display transforms.

  • Changing the image resolution now results in proper window resize to the new resolution when fitting window.

  • exportCurrentFrame AKA Export→Snapshot… now omits UI margins (like the timeline) on output.

  • DPX/Cineon 10 bit readers do a better job of rounding when converting to 8 bit

  • RVIO slates work when outputing stereo

  • rvio_hw -outstereo separate now works as advertised

  • rvio was sometimes failing to apply rec709 transfer function on output

  • -dlut and similar args on the command line work even with no media

  • Image sources use cut in/out by default

  • Timeline right-click menu no longer hides main menu in empty session

  • slow rendering of giant images fixed

  • Image Info and Info Strip were producing exceptions durin stereo mode switch.

  • DPX/Cineon 10 bit format prefs remembered for future runs

  • Intermittent error sometimes caused extra rec709 transfer in rvio output.

  • Couldn’t set display lut from command line with no media

  • Help menu crashing on Mac OSX 10.5

  • Out point was not always properly transmitted to sync partner

Version 3.10.4 (RELEASE)

  • Layout with one image was incorrect for row and packed layout types.

  • On Mac: work around Qt 4.7 regression in URL protocol handling.

  • Tag argument to addToSource2() and setSourceMedia() commands are now optional.

  • Reading session files, RV could fail to properly initialize internal automatic retiming for sequences, stacks, and layouts. This resulted in odd playback fps or other strange playback behavior.

  • RV no longer warns about missing internal nodes during session file read. These nodes are automatically created so the warning is unnecessary.

  • Text fonts for annotation were being initialized at the wrong time causing crashing.

  • TIFF and TARGA readers were defaulting to use unbuffered I/O and ignoring the user preferences. This was leading to problems fixed below.

  • Unbuffered I/O method could fail if the filesystem did not not support the mode.

  • Distribution contains all Qt plugins. There were multiple reports of crashes caused by rv loading Qt plugins from multiple locations. RV now sets the Qt plugin path directly to make sure no system plugins are accidently loaded.

  • Crash when loading 3.8’s shotgun module (which is incompatible with 3.10)

  • Execute permissions in linux dist tree fixed.

Version 3.10.3 (RELEASE)

This is the first full release of RV 3.10. This file contains all changes since 3.8.

  • Quicktime movies now use timecode if present. This works with Apple and FFMPEG/libquicktime based versions. RVIO does not yet write timecode.

  • Manuals have been updated

    • User Manual new sections on 3.10 user interface

    • Updated information about session file writing for 3.10

    • Reference manual updated for 3.10

    • commands module API documented (via browser)

  • New API documentation browser (Help→Mu API Documentation Browser)

  • Recognize tdl (3Delight textures) and shd (3Delight shadow maps)

  • DPX handles 10 and 16 bit with alpha.

  • More Qt classes wrapped in Mu

  • Stereo offset adjustments are now in percentage of image width

  • Default aspect ratio is 16:9

  • rvSession.py updated

  • Control-q shortcut in menu for quit on linux and windows

  • RV prints network port to console, since it may have changed if a conflict was encountered

  • Additional stereo offsets displayed in Image Info


These are fixes since 3.10.2. Not all fixes are included here.

  • rvio was failing to write audio for movies in most cases.

  • Inspector doesn’t flip around as much as before.

  • Audio waveform drawing could cause core dump in some cases

  • Sources with images and audio were sometimes retiming the audio unnecessarily.

  • Session manager no longer starts editing name of views when you hit any key.

  • FFMPEG/libquicktime reader was failing on some movies with odd sized widths and heights.

  • Apple quicktime reader was reporting bogus duration

  • Session manager drag and drop fixed on Mac.

  • rvpkg had some uninitialized variables which could cause runaway memory usage.

  • Annotation was leaving cursor on frame in text mode under various cicumstances.

  • Annotation was getting "stuck" on a frame no longer being viewed.

  • Annotation too many backspaces in text entry mode was causing lots of exceptions.

  • Annotation was creating garbage if session saved during text entry.

  • Bad session manager rendering with dark UI styles

  • PNG file output from rvio was becoming quantized

  • More accurate conversion from float to integral formats in rvio

  • Possible fixes for eye swapping in DLP (checked) and scanline stereo modes

  • Stereo modes properly handle pixel aspect ratio

  • Sequence, stack, and layouts corrected to adopt first input fps when all inputs are added at the same time.

  • When reading rv files, reset media properties in case incoming-source-path changed them.

  • Windows playback improved. Hiccuping reduced greatly.

  • rvio -out709 was malfunctioning

  • Exceptions thrown when clearing session

  • Mac64 host_info error message fixed

  • addToLayer function fixed

  • Movie export failing when local directory not writable

  • Better updating of info widget

  • Better handling of audio-only sources

  • Close session functions no longer require user confirmation

  • Better automatic re-caching when necessary

  • Default caching mode properly applied to media loaded after launch

  • Deleting views no longer causes un-readable session file

  • Session manager input ordering arrows error when nothing selected

  • Layout views were defaulting to 24 fps

  • Stereo filp/flop/swap menu items now reflect state

Version 3.10.2 (BETA)

This is the second wide beta release of RV 3.10. To review all the changes since 3.8, please see also the notes below including those on the limited beta release of RV 3.10.0.

  • Progressive Loading RV now starts immediately and tells you how many files it’s loading. When loading from command line or rvlink url or file browser you get progress reports. Doesn’t work with drag and drop yet.

  • rvio -stereo option takes an argument to specify type of stereo (anaglyph, mirror, etc) the default is separate which means 2-track quicktime or 2-view exr.

  • horizontally and vertically squeezed stereo modes

  • session manager has hotkey, "x"

  • delay quicktime initialization to speed up start time (mac32 and win32)

  • "Fill View with Content" option on Sequence gui for 3.8-style sequence framing

  • Session Manager config menu; lets you choose when Session Manager should be active at startup

  • default cache sizes are smaller (about 1/3) to reduce chances of running out of memory


These are fixes since 3.10.1. Not all fixes are included here.

  • VSync is on, pixel buffer objects are off by default.

  • even when there were errors loading some files from command-line, other command line options are now processed (except -play)

  • rvio float to 8 bit output conversion more accurate

  • 1-to-1 scale problems fixed

  • preserve pixel scale view option fixed

  • occasional malloc double free errors on some OSX machines

  • clamped YCbCr → RGB conversion removes "black pixels" in some quicktime movies

  • fixes for small color shifts in 601 and 709 color transform matrices

  • improved vsync in some cases

  • FPS read correctly from 3.8-style session files

  • timeline magnifier does not draw on empty session

  • some partially written 3.8-style session files caused errors and and crashes in backwards-compatibility code.

  • crash on Windows only, if the Timeline Magnifier is on in the preferences, and RV is started with no media

  • crash on Windows only, dragging media into an empty RV session.

  • when loading quicktime movies, RV used the default FPS preference and failed to use the FPS in the movie file

Version 3.10.1 (BETA)

This was the first wide beta release of RV 3.10. To review all the changes since 3.8, please see also the notes below on the limited beta release of RV 3.10.0.

  • Text Annotation Photoshop-like text annotation (click to position cursor, then type). Control-enter to commit text.

  • Session Navigation Double click on an image to drill down from a Layout or other composite view, use arrow buttons in Session Manager (or shift-left/right arrow keys) to move backwards and forwards in the view "history". Name of current view is displayed in Session Manager.

  • Editorial In/Out Control Sources have interface to in/out points which are optionally obeyed when constructing sequences and other composite views. In/Out numbers can be typed in, or synced to graphical in/out and edited via click/drag/etc.

  • mu-interp Command-line Mu interpreter included in RV distribution on all platforms.

  • "Clone Synced RV" On File menu, that creates a new RV process on this machine synced to current session.

  • "Lock Pixel Scale During Resize" On View menu, that locks the image-pixel-to-screen-pixel scale relationship during resize.

  • Frame-based audio offset controls (In addition to previously existing seconds-based controls)

  • MuQt class inheritance.

  • wipes and image transforms are synched

  • Session Manager right-click context menu

  • "static" layout mode that will leave current image transforms alone (for example, after they have been manually positioned)

  • additional version 1 session file backwards compatibility (session fps, composite type, source cut in/out, etc)

  • better default naming of new view nodes

  • retain Session-Manager "openness" across RV runs, like timeline and timeline magnifier

  • "Nuke-style" frame range notation ("%04d") on command line with or without trailing frame range. Trailing frame range now also allowed with non-Nuke frame range notation

  • layout size can be scaled to single image size, enabling 2D transform compositing.

  • source UI name (and current input name if interesting) are visible in Image Info widget

  • rvSession.py updated for 3.10.1, much improved pydoc output


These are fixes since 3.10.0. Not all fixes are included here.

  • uncrop X offset was being ignored when creating a new ImageSource

  • don’t allow multiple inputs to Retime node

  • send "view changed" messages as appropriate so that lower session manager panel update e.g. when session is cleared.

  • missing movie file caused crash in some cases

  • load of many movies from file browser was causing an attempt to form a sequence, usually making it impossible to load more than 4 movies at a time from browser

  • improved row/packed layout of images with different aspect ratios

  • protect against NaNs in incoming audio data

  • rvlink event handling on mac restored (was broken in 3.10.0 due to switch to Qt 4.6)

  • always draw color inspector in view

  • turn off Session Manager mode when widget is manually closed

  • better invalidation of frame-level caching data, and never awaken caching threads if cache is off.

  • rvio view node defaults to source instead of sequence if there’s only one input, so output frame ranges are "source frames" instead of "global frames" that start at 1.

  • "Set Range Offset" menu item was broken

  • use of rvui gui code in rvio scripts (simpleslate, frameburn, etc) caused error messages

  • check for near-unity scales resulting from inFPS != outFPS in retime nodes, otherwise we sometimes drop frames at end of long retimed source

  • bound image scale away from 0 when transforming layout images in "manual" mode

  • missing frame message was only being send when looking directly at a source

  • more aggressive vsync behavior to address tearing in some cases

  • Qt warning about GL buffer size fixed

  • in some cases prefetch was causing over-uploading of textures to gfx card

  • timeline magnifier resets state so that audio waveform is not generated if magnifier is off

  • garbage collector timing adjustments to remove possible hiccups during playback on mac

  • default sequence etc. in/out points were not "expanding" when new sources were added

  • wipes were conflicting with stereo stipple patterns (scanline interleaved, checker, etc)

  • additional layers were sometimes added to the first source, instead of the current one.

  • crash fixed in some cases of non-existent file given on command-line

  • crash when trying to draw audio waveform when no audio device is configured.

  • rvio DPX input memory leak eliminated

  • better recovery and messages when different packages provide modes with same name, or same package appears in path more than once

  • rvio B44 conversion memory leak eliminated

  • don’t allow rv to listen on network port that rv (or someone else) is already listening on

  • if requested network port is occupied, search several nearby ports to find a free one

  • changes in image resolution, color depth, etc cause immediate recaching (which is indicated in timeline)

  • audio waveform rendering improvements

  • audio waveform updates with audio offset changes

  • don’t draw "AUDIO buffering" feedback over other feedback

  • fix rare crash in waveform drawing

  • rvio quicktime output sometimes produced erroneous FPS

  • rvio always uses FCP "standard" timescale/duration for standard FPS values

  • fix problem with alpha contaminating LUT calculations on unpremulted images

  • additional mu commands addToSource, relocateSource, setSourceMedia to control particular source media.

  • prevent sync from stealing events from other modes (eg wipes)

  • improve startup time when caching is on and media frames are large

  • general stability improvements especially on exit and session close.

  • preserve caching mode when receiving session from sync partner

  • rvpkg more robust in cases (esp windows) where the same directory may have multiple equivalent names

Version 3.10.0 (BETA)

This is the first BETA version of RV 3.10 and includes the following new features:

  • Arbitrary User-Defined Views Users can create new Sequences, Stacks, and Layouts with inputs chosen from Sources or previously defined views of any kind. In particular, two or more Sequences can be compared in a Stack.

  • View Editing Any user-defined view can be deleted, and the inputs of any view can be reordered. This enables you to reorder clips in a sequence, or sources in a stack, etc.

  • Retiming Any view can be sped up or down or offset in time. Views with different native frame rates can be played at the same fps (realtime pull up/down). If the view has audio, it is also resampled or retimed to maintain sync with the video, and an additional audio offset and/or scale can be added.

  • Layout Options In addition to tiling, you can layout your views in a row, column, or arbitrarily translate and scale them interactively.

  • Session Manager The Session Manager provides a simple interface to all the above features, and many more.

  • Mu Lots of Mu additions and fixes, including Qt wrappers

  • Package System Improvements New rvpkg application to install, uninstall, list, etc RV Packages from the command line. Package files now end in .rvpkg to avoid mail clients etc that auto-unzip. Package filenames include a version number. Some "system" Packages installed by default (annotate, session_manager, etc).

  • stack or layout audio can be selected from any particular input, or all can be mixed together

  • Python API for writing session files

  • global seconds display in timeline

  • 10bit framebuffer output (dreamcolor support, tested and confirmed on linux only so far)

  • "black" movie procedural

  • sources maintain cut in/out which can optionally used by all up-stream views.

  • improved caching, especially a two-level cache that allows reuse of images used in different frames of different views, and general performance improvements.

  • -wipe cmd-line option to stack inputs and turn on wipe interface

  • -layout cmd-line option to choose default layout style (packed, row, column, manual)

  • -view cmd-line option to choose arbitrary user-defined view at startup

  • -autoRetime cmd-line option to automatically retime conflicting media fps in stacks and sequences

  • annotation on stacks, sequences, and layouts.

  • stacked views can either respect in/out points or have all start frames aligned

  • automatically push process file descriptor limit to system max on all platforms

  • remote sync all view creation/deletion (except sources), input changes, view edits.

  • source_setup is a system package for easy site-dependent color management


These are fixes since 3.8. Not all fixes are included here.

  • "linearizing" color transforms are not synced by default (so you can sync movie vs DPX, for example).

  • properly close mmap’ed files on windows

  • default movie color primaries to rec709 if movie’s colr atom is bad

  • more complete error messages from commands module

  • protect against non-spec DPX headers, including overflowing filename and non-ASCII characters

  • http headers were garbled in rv web get/post

  • crashes triggered by view changes during caching, or by reloading.

  • linux alsa audio crashes/hangs during scrubbing

  • robustly handle movies of odd-sized resolution.

  • FPS spikes when switching views

  • over blending equation corrected

  • reload range now restarts caching threads to cause immediate reload and recache

  • use 4cc provided by user in rvio output if codec is available

  • display update problems on vista/win7

  • 16bit RGB tif conversion fixed

  • handle bad pixel-per-meter header values in PNG files

  • rvio use float LUTs by default

  • clamping in rvio by -inlog fixed

  • pixel aspect ratio preserved by -s resolution scaling

  • rvio/rvio_hw -init flag respected

  • cache mode preserved when clearing session

  • better handling of missing files

  • wipes reset on quit by default

  • sync problems with multiple sessions

  • occluded wipe handles can’t be grabbed

  • annotate color picker dialog non-modal on all platforms

  • rv/rvio produces full volume audio output