One-click sync

In an earlier post, we discussed the rvlink protocol, which allows you to build URLs that will start and run RV. You can also set up a network connection to a remote RV from the command line and hence from an rvlink URL. Furthermore, you can direct that after the network connection is established, Sync should be activated, and the remote session information should be pulled over the network so that you’ll both be looking at the same media.

Before the end of the 3.8 Beta period, we’ll have a menu item to put such a link on the clipboard, but meanwhile you can assemble them by hand.

Imagine this scenario: You’re using RV, have some media loaded, when you decide you want your friend Jim to look at it with you. He’s in the next building, so rather than walk over there you want to start a RV Sync session with him. Suppose further that:

  • Your machine is called “blue”
  • Your RV has networking on (you can ensure this with the "-network" command-line flag, or by setting a preference).

To get connected, you can send him the following command line through chat or email:

rv -network -networkConnect blue -flags syncPullFirst

So Jim can copy paste into a terminal, or, since a command line is the same as an rvlink protocol URL, you can send it as a link that he can just click on:

rvlink:// -network -networkConnect blue -flags syncPullFirst

When Jim clicks on this link RV will start on his machine, connect to your running RV, pull the session information (so your media will match), and start Sync. So there you have it: One-Click Sync!

Note: Some applications will get confused by the spaces in the above URL, so you can also ask RV to encode the URL for you by adding "-encodeURL" to the command line.

There are sample one-click sync links on rvlink-test-page.

Note: Syncing two RVs on the same machine is tricky on the Mac, so these links will only work on Linux and Windows.