RV 3.10.13, ARRI News, Smoking Hot RV/Nuke Workstation

Hello from Tweak,

We have a new RV release and some upcoming news about a cool project with Tweak and ARRI. Also, we have built a smoking hot example workstation for NAB to show off RV, RV SDI, Nuke integration and 2K streaming playback. Lots of you ask about good hardware setups so we are sharing the specs below.

RV 3.10.13 Available for Download

This is an update release with lots of refinements and fixes. You can read the release notes here and download the new version from the downloads page on the tweak website here.

This version of RV is FREE for users with current maintenance. If you need to renew your maintenance, please contact us at sales@tweaksoftware.com.

A few highlights of 3.10.13 include:

  • Nuke package: Full stereo support including checkpoints and renders using %Vv workflow
  • Nuke package: Write node handling similar to read nodes
  • Shotgun package: Full stereo support for %Vv-style stereoscopic media
  • Shotgun package: automatic fallbacks for Pixel Aspect, frame range, and media type

Tweak and ARRI

Tweak has been collaborating closely with the engineers at ARRI and we have some big news about RV that will be announced next week at NAB. Please stop by our booth SL9707 to see more.

RV Workstation

  • RV + Nuke + SDI + Fusion-io ioXtreme + Shotgun is a powerful setup for getting work done. We've built a workstation to show it all off at NAB. The winning setup is:
  • HP z800 Workstation
  • 6 core Xeon with hyperthreading
  • 12 Gigs RAM
  • Nvdia Quadro 3800 SDI graphics
  • Dual FusionIO ioXtreme Pro RAID
  • HP DreamColor Monitor with 10 bit color and extended color gamuts

The system can stream 2K full app DPX frames from disk at 80+ fps. It makes working with film res imagery a snap: you can move around a complex RV session, switch views instantly, scrub easily and immediately see what you need. Of course, with RV SDI you can send the results to your projector or broadcast monitor.


The Tweak Crew



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