RV 3.8 Released

We've been working hard on the first update to 3.8 (3.8.6 which was released today) that we forgot to post the original announcement about RV 3.8 here. So for anyone who missed the big announcement in Dec: RV 3.8 has been released!

The big new features of RV 3.8 are:

  • 64 Bit on all platforms now: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Annotation tools for drawing on RV sessions
  • Audio waveform display
  • Timeline magnifier
  • One-click remote sync
  • Launch RV from 'rvlink' URLS in web pages, emails, documents, etc.
  • RVIO Hardware version that uses the GPU for image processing
  • Shotgun integration (now in Beta )
  • Python remote control API
  • HTTP support in Mu

You can read the latest release notes here.

Let us know if you have any comments, feature ideas or requests.





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