Flame - Sequence review submission

Flame Review Export

Sends sequences in Flame to Shotgun Review.
Latest Version: v1.3.0 (prod)
For our version numbers, we follow the Semantic Versioning standard.
System Name: tk-flame-review

Please Note: This document describes functionality only available if you have taken control over a Toolkit configuration. Please refer to the Shotgun Integrations User Guide for more details.

The Flame Review app makes it easy and effortless to send sequences to review in Shotgun. Flame will generate a quicktime and upload it to Shotgun where it can be reviewed in Screening Room, the Client Review Site or the Shotgun iPhone app. All processing is running in the background so that you can focus on the work at hand.


The Shotgun Flame Review App makes it easy to push one or more sequences from Flame into Shotgun review.

Simply right click a sequence or a selection of sequences that you want to review:

Select the Shotgun Review Option:

A Toolkit UI will appear where you can add some review notes:

When you click ok, a background job will be generated and everything will happen behind the scenes. The following steps will be carried out:

  • The Sequence will be exported to disk as a quicktime. This export is handled as a Flame Quicktime export and you have complete control of the various settings via a configuration hook.

  • Once the sequence is complete, Toolkit will check if there is a matching Sequence in Shotgun. If not, a Sequence will be created automatically.

  • A review version will be generated and associated with the sequence.

  • Lastly, the quicktime will be uploaded to the review version.

The process supports audio tracks, transitions etc and should be a "what you see is what you get". Once in Shotgun, you can review the media in many different ways, including the client review site and the Shotgun iPhone app.

Customization and Settings

The Flame Review app can be customized in a couple of different ways:

  • You can control which Entity Type that should be used in Shotgun to represent a Sequnce in Flame. For example, if you are working on episodic content, it may make more sense to link your review versions to episodes in Shotgun rather than sequences.

  • You can customize which tasks the app should automatically add to new items created in Shotgun. This is done via a task template setting and allows you to standardize the structure that's created.

  • Via a hook, you get complete control over the xml preset that the app uses to generate a quicktime out of Flame.

Related Apps and Documents

Flame Shot Export

The Flame shot exporter makes it easy to kickstart your Shotgun project! Simply select a Sequence to export inside of Flame, and the exporter will take care of the rest. It will create shots, tasks, set up cut information in Shotgun, generate folders on disk, render out plates to disk and send the media to Shotgun Review. Once done, you can jump straight into other tools such as Flare or Nuke to continue your work there.

Screening Room Integration

This app launches Screening Room for the current context. Jumping into your review session has never been easier! Just click a button and Screening Room will open, focused on the particular shot or asset you are currently working on. This also makes it really easy to see your submitted versions in context or review different variations that you submitted from inside your content creation application.

Quickreview Node

This app adds a Nuke node which you can add anywhere in your node graph. Once added to your scene, you can double click the node, go to the properties page and hit the "Send to Review" button. The app will then render a quicktime of your scene, add burnins and slates and upload it to Shotgun.

Installation and Updates

Adding this App to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit

If you want to add this app to Project XYZ, in an environment named asset, execute the following command:

> tank Project XYZ install_app asset t tk-flame-review

Updating to the latest version

If you already have this item installed in a project and you want to get the latest version, you can run the update command. You can either navigate to the tank command that comes with that specific project, and run it there:

> cd /my_tank_configs/project_xyz
> ./tank updates

Alternatively, you can run your studio tank command and specify the project name to tell it which project to run the update check for:

> tank Project XYZ updates

Collaboration and Evolution

If you have access to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit, you also have access to the source code for all apps, engines and frameworks in Github where we store and manage them. Feel free to evolve these items; use them as a base for further independent development, make changes (and submit pull requests back to us!) or simply tinker with them to see how they have been built and how the toolkit works. You can access this code repository at https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/tk-flame-review.

Special Requirements

  • You need Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Core API version v0.18.45 or higher to use this.
  • You need Engine version v1.14.3 or higher to use this.


Below is a summary of all the configuration settings used. These settings need to be defined in the environment file where you want to enable this App or Engine.


Type: str

Default Value: Sequence

Description: The entity type in Shotgun to associate a Flame export with.


Type: str

Description: The Shotgun task template to assign to new shotgun entities or blank if none.


Type: str

Default Value: Submit for Shotgun review

Description: One line description of this profile. This will appear on the menu in Flame.


Type: hook

Default Value: {self}/settings.py

Description: Contains logic to generate settings and presets for the Flame export profile used to generate the output.


Type: bool

Description: Try to bypass the Shotgun server side transcoding if possible. This will only generate and upload a h264 quicktime and not a webm, meaning that playback will not be supported on firefox and no filmstrip thumbnails will be generated. The benefit of bypassing the transcoding is that the sequence is reviewable immediately after upload and the quality is significantly better.


Type: bool

Default Value: True

Description: Is the movie generation for the preview done in background with a job sent to Backburner or directly in foreground during the submission process.

Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for this App. Below you will find an overview of all the changes we did for each release. We try to be as detailed as possible and include all bugs we have fixed, features we have added and things that may have changed. If you have questions about a particular release, don't hesitate to contact our support team!



Use Flame transcoding engine for thumbnail generation



Fix minimum tk-core vesion




Upgrade tk-core



Support for QT 5.9 / Support for Movie Assets



Upgraded to Flame 2019 icons.



Put relevant name to uploaded movie



Fix missing codec when sending to review with Flame Trial



Fix Submit for Shotgun Review when overriding python hook path



Support remote Backburner Manager when submitting clip to review with toolkit as a plugin.



Updated Flame icons



Presets for 2017, simplified hook and options to skip shotgun transcode



Adds metrics logging


Minor tweaks and polish.


Minor adjustments to naming of backburner jobs.


No longer shows preset compatibility warnings.


Tweaks to the user interface based on feedback.


Tweaks to the user interface based on feedback.


First official release.