How do I add a shelf button to launch a Toolkit app in Maya?

Adding a shelf button in Maya to launch Toolkit apps in Maya is pretty straightforward. Here is an example of how to add a custom shelf button that opens the Loader app. (Note that this assumes Toolkit is currently enabled in your Maya session, this does not bootstrap Toolkit).

Open your Script Editor in Maya and paste in the following Python code: 

import maya.cmds as cmds 

# The internal Toolkit app name
tk_app = "tk-multi-loader2"

# The public function that opens the app dialog. This function is located in the app's 
# file in the top directory (eg. install/apps/app_store/tk-multi-loader2/
# The name of this function varies from app to app, but is generally easy to determine by
# looking at the code. 
call_func = "open_publish"

    import sgtk

    # get the current engine (e.g. tk-maya) 
    current_engine = sgtk.platform.current_engine() 
    if not current_engine: 
        cmds.error("Shotgun integration is not available!") 

    # find the current instance of the app: 
    app = current_engine.apps.get(tk_app) 
    if not app: 
        cmds.error("The Toolkit app '%s' is not available!" % tk_app) 

    # call the public method on the app to show the dialog: 
    app_open_func = getattr(app, call_func)
except Exception, e: 
    msg = "Unable to launch Toolkit app '%s': %s" % (tk_app, e)
    cmds.confirmDialog(title="Toolkit Error", icon="critical", message=msg)

Select this code and drag it on to your custom shelf. See the Maya docs for more info on how to work with custom shelf buttons

You should be able to use this code example to launch any Toolkit apps that are enabled in Maya by modifying the tk_app and call_func variables at the top.





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