I get an error trying to create a local storage: "Create failed for [LocalStorage]"


When trying to create a local storage (typically while setting up a Project in SG Desktop), you get the following error:

create failed (reason_code 6): Create failed for [LocalStorage]: Validation failed: Code is already in use by an active or retired local storage

You have likely setup Toolkit Projects successfully in the past but suddenly new Projects cannot be set up.



Navigate to the Trash page on your Shotgun site for local storages:


Select the storage with the name of the one you're trying to create for your Toolkit project and revive it. If you are using Toolkit, it's most likely named primary but this can also happen when setting up additional storages in a multi-root setup.



Local storages in Shotgun are required to be unique by name, even when taking retired (deleted) storages into account. This means that if you create a local storage named primary in Shotgun, delete it, then try to create another local storage named primary, Shotgun will return the error above. 

All deleted items in Shotgun reside in the Trash, and can easily be un-deleted (revived) by navigating to the Trash page for that entity type.




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