How to get thumbnails inside the Shotgun Panel for Flame

For now there is an issue inside Flame that prevents thumbnails from being displayed inside the Shotgun Panel when it is running inside of Flame.

This can be fixed manually by creating a qt.conf file and dropping it into the Flame install folder.

Here are steps to do this:

  • create a qt.conf file with this value inside of it:

    Plugins=/usr/discreet/lib64/[flame version]/plugins
  • On Linux, copy the qt.conf file under this path: /usr/discreet/[flame version]/bin
  • On Mac, copy the qt.conf file under these path: /Applications/Autodesk/[Flame version]/[flame]/Contents/Resources

After that, you just need to relaunch Flame and thumbnails will show up inside the Shotgun Panel.



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    Manne Öhrström

    Please note - in Flame 2017 this issue has been resolved and the fix above is no longer needed.

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