How do I share the Toolkit core between Projects?

Currently when you setup a project with SG Desktop, the Toolkit core API is "localized", which means it's installed inside the pipeline configuration. This means every pipeline configuration is a fully self-contained Toolkit installation. You may prefer to have version of the Toolkit Core API that is shared between projects which can minimize maintenance and ensure all of your projects are using the same core code. We sometimes refer to this as a "shared studio core".

Here's how to create a new Toolkit Core API configuration that can be shared between different project pipeline configurations. 

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to an existing pipeline configuration that contains the Toolkit Core version you wish to share. Once the process is complete, this this pipeline configuration will no longer be localized, but will use the newly created shared core.
    $ cd /sgtk/software/shotgun/pied_piper


  2. Run the following tank command to copy the Toolkit core to an external location on disk. You need to provide the location this path can be found on all platforms (linux_path, windows_path, mac_path). We recommend using quotes for each path. If you don't use Toolkit on a particular platform, you can simply specify an empty string ""
    $ ./tank share_core "/mnt/sgtk/software/shotgun/studio" "Z:\sgtk\software\shotgun\studio" \ "/sgtk/software/shotgun/studio"


  3. You will be shown a summary of the change that is about to be made before Toolkit will proceed.

    Command: Share core
    This will move the embedded core API in the configuration 
    '/sgtk/software/shotgun/pied_piper'. After this command has completed, the configuration will not contain an
    embedded copy of the core but instead it will be picked up from the following
    locations:  - Linux: '/mnt/sgtk/software/shotgun/studio'
     - Windows: 'Z:\sgtk\software\shotgun\studio'
     - Mac: '/sgtk/software/shotgun/studio' Note for expert users: Prior to executing this command, please ensure that you
    have no configurations that are using the core embedded in this configuration. Do you want to proceed [yn]
  4. Toolkit will copy the core installation to your new shared location and will update your existing pipeline configuration to point to the new shared core.
    Setting up base structure...
    Copying configuration files...
    Copying core installation...
    Backing up local core install...
    Removing core system files from configuration...
    Creating core proxy...
    The Core API was successfully processed.


You can now use this new shared core from other pipeline configurations. In order to update a pipeline configuration to use an existing shared core (like the one you just created), you can use the tank attach_to_core command.


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