How can I get rid of Template Project issues with Shotgun Desktop?

We implemented security improvements to Shotgun, Toolkit, and Shotgun Desktop back in 2015, and some users on old versions of the Toolkit Core API (tk-core), might experience issues. This specifically affects older Shotgun setups, where the site config’s Pipeline Configuration entity was designated by having its Project field set to “Template Project”, instead of the newer convention of the site config having a blank project field.

What was done to fix this?

We released an update, tk-core v0.16.8, which introduced a new Tank command that allows you to migrate your site configuration in order to remove the dependency from the Template Project.

What version of Shotgun Desktop do I need?

Before running this command, you need to make sure all your users are running a compatible version of Shotgun Desktop. If you are unsure version which is being used on a computer, launch Desktop, then click on the user icon at the bottom right and select “About...”.


If you are running “App Version 1.1” or lower, you need to download the latest version of the Shotgun Desktop. You can download it by following the instructions in our User Guide.

If you are running “App Version 1.1.x”, please make sure that you are running “Startup Version 1.2.1” or greater. Generally, launching Shotgun Desktop should update the startup code automatically, so if you are looking at the “About...” box, it should already show “Startup Version 1.2.1” or later. You can also download the latest version if you’d like.

If you are running “App Version 1.2.x” or greater, nothing needs to be done on the user’s machine.

Finally, you need the Shotgun Desktop to be running “Core Version 0.16.8” or later. If this isn’t the case, your pipeline administrator probably locked the version of the site configuration and needs to run a “tank core” update to get the 0.16.8 fixes.

I’m ready, what do I need to run?

Once you’ve made sure all your users pass the version checks above, you can run this command in the shell from your site configuration:

tank migrate_desktop

If you are running this command using login-based authentication, make sure you are logged in as a Shotgun user with an Admin-like role that can edit a PipelineConfiguration entity. You are done!

I’m getting “ERROR: The action 'migrate_desktop' could not be found!”

This means that you are running an older version of core that does not support this migration. You need to either update the version of core by running:

tank core

Or you can run the migration from a more up-to-date install.

Some people, especially artists, are still getting permission errors, notably CRUD errors!

If some users are getting permissions errors after this, it’s highly likely they haven’t made sure their Shotgun Desktop matched the prerequisites. Simply ask them to download the latest version of the Shotgun Desktop and to hold the ALT key when launching the Shotgun Desktop the first time. They should be greeted by this splash screen:


If this still doesn’t fix the issue, please contact support.



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