How do I Write an Engine for Toolkit?

We have a solid set of engines to provide integrations in most widely-used content creation software, and we're constantly working on new ones. There are also engines that Toolkit Community members have built and shared back. But sometimes you'll need pipeline integrations in a DCC that doesn't have a Toolkit engine. 

If you have the time and resources, we encourage you to help the Toolkit Community (and yourselves) in writing a missing engine you would like to use!

Engine Development Guide

We have some technical documentation about how to get started writing engines for Toolkit. These should help you when writing your code and help give you a more technical overview of how to proceed. 

Contact Us & the Developers

Before embarking on writing code, talk to us! We may be able to connect you to other users who are interested in or have done work on the same engine. If you can, open a channel of communication with a technical contact or developer of the DCC application. This helps gain insight into what the possibilities and/or roadblocks are for getting something going. Once you establish a contact and talk through the basics of what you are trying to do, you can bring us into the conversation and setup a meeting with all of us to talk through some of the specifics of the engine. You can engage directly with the Toolkit community in the Shotgun community forum

Code, Review, Repeat

Then you're off writing code! When you have things working and you've documented and cleaned up your code, we can do some code review with you. There will likely be several rounds of this. Toolkit has some best practices that we'll walk through with you during our initial meetings. Following those, using good judgement, writing clean code, providing clear comments, and writing documentation will cut down on this immensely of course ;).

What We Will Do

We will be happy to talk to you about your plans. We will meet with you and the developer(s) of the application to talk through the details and identify issues or opportunities that may present themselves when writing the engine. We will make ourselves available for code review when you are ready and have a working engine. We will try to provide answers to your questions via our support channels along the way. We will be eternally grateful for your generous contributions to the Toolkit Community!

For anything beyond that, just email us.  We can't promise anything but will always try to help out as much as we can.