After upgrade or installation, Shotgun Desktop doesn't let me log in!

A fix has been released!

If you are running into one of these issues, you should definitely read about the fix we released.

Overview of the Problem

Shotgun, Toolkit and the Shotgun Desktop have recently been upgraded to be much more secure. Toolkit v0.16 defaults to a per-user mode, where each user logs in individually to the system. The combination of these changes may result in issues when installing and running Shotgun Desktop which is not fully compatible with the v6.0.2 update of Shotgun. Usually, these issues can be resolved very quickly. This article outlines what to look out for and how to fix it.


Initial Steps

If you are experiencing any issues running Shotgun Desktop, please go through the following steps:

  • Log into Shotgun Desktop with a Shotgun administrator account the very first time you run it.
  • If Shotgun Desktop crashes on startup, please make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest version. This should be at least version v1.1.0.
  • Due to some tightened up security settings in Shotgun 6.0.2, Artist or Manager accounts can no longer see the Shotgun Desktop configuration in Shotgun by default. To fix this, ask your Shotgun administrator to assign you to the Template Project. They can do so by clicking on their user icon at the top right, selecting Projects, adding the Users column to the page and finally adding any users having the issue.

We are working very hard on a Shotgun Desktop upgrade that will not require you to assign users to the Template Project. We hope to release this the week of June 15th 2015. 


If you're still experiencing issues

Once these three steps have been taken, it is possible you will still experience some issues. These issues are likely related to the site configuration


Error: API create() CRUD ERROR #7: Entity of type PipelineConfiguration cannot be created by this user. Rule: Artist -- PermissionRule ####: DENY create_entity FOR entity_type => PipelineConfiguration

If you are seeing this, it's probably because the administrator hasn't added you to the Template Project. If you've validated that you are indeed assigned to the Template Project, please contact the support team with your Shotgun user name and attach the tk-desktop.log file mentioned in the dialog box.


Error: Looks like a config file is corrupt. Please contact support! ... Error: File contains no data!

If you see this error, you will need to delete the site configuration folder. Click here if you need help finding the location of your site config.


Error: Cannot find a Pipeline configuration in Shotgun that has id ##

If you see this dialog, ask your admin to make sure that you are assigned to the Template Project. If you are not, verify with them that the id of the Template Project's pipeline configuration is indeed the one that Shotgun Desktop reports. If it isn't, open the config/core/pipeline_configuration.yml file in your site configuration and update the pc_id field to the value found in Shotgun. You can also delete the site configuration completely if you are not comfortable editing the pipeline configuration manually.

Other issues

If you experience any other issues with Shotgun Desktop, please contact support with your issue and we'll update this page with the fix as soon as it is available.




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