Why Doesn't the Houdini Icon Show Up in SG Desktop?

If Houdini (or any DCC) isn't configured to run in the current environment, its icon won't show up in SG Desktop. SG Desktop currently only runs within the project environment for a Project so in this example, you'll need to add the Houdini engine (tk-houdini) to your project environment in order to have it show up. 

Here's how to install an engine into your project environment (config/env/project.yml):

$ cd /path/to/your/pipeline_configuration
$ ./tank install_engine project tk-houdini

Now that the engine has been added in the project environment level, we now need to add it to the list of apps that can be launched with the Shotgun Desktop. Open up project.yml in your favorite text editor, locate the tk-desktop section and add the following to the list of launchers under the apps section:

tk-multi-launchhoudini: '@launch_houdini'

The launch_houdini launcher and all other launchers can be found in the config/env/include/app_launchers.yml file.

You can now launch the Shotgun Desktop and launch Houdini from it.



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