I've launched Nuke/Maya/etc. from SG Desktop, but the Shotgun menu is missing entries

Note: This document describes functionality only available if you have taken control over a Toolkit configuration. Please refer to the Shotgun Integrations Admin Guide or contact support if you do not have a more advanced configuration and are still running into this issue.

When you launch an application from SG Desktop, it puts you in the Project environment by default. This environment is managed by the config file in your pipeline configuration located at config/env/project.yml. Because most of your work will probably not be done in this environment, it's not configured with many apps for you to work with.

You can use the Shotgun File Manager to select the Asset, Shot, or Task to work on which will load up the appropriate new environment for you which will then have more apps enabled with menu items in your Shotgun menu.



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    Anthony Scudese


    I am launching 3dsmax in the project context via SG Desktop and I can't seem to get the Shotgun File Manager to appear. I get the following error:

    Shotgun Error: App configuration Error for tk-multi-workfiles (configured in environment 'x:\ShotgunRepository\configname\config\env\project.yml'). It will not be loaded: Context Project Name can not determine value for fields ['CustomEntity01', 'Asset'] needed by template <Sgtk TemplatePath asset\_publish\_area\_max: /{CustomEntity01}/03\_Shared\_Resources/Shared elements/{Asset}/01\_Projects/3dsmax>

    I understand that those fields don't exist in a project context but then why does this article suggest that I could launch Multiworkfiles/Shotgun File Manager to change my environment after launch? Does my path in general need to be different in order to do this? If so, what should it be? And how does that affect assets?



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