Administrative UIs

AdminUI Framework

Interfaces for some standard Toolkit administration commands.
Latest Version: v0.2.1 (prod)
For our version numbers, we follow the Semantic Versioning standard.
System Name: tk-framework-adminui

Please Note: This document describes functionality only available if you have taken control over a Toolkit configuration. Please refer to the Shotgun Integrations User Guide for more details.

Interfaces for some standard Toolkit administration commands.

Experimental Framework!

Please note that the latest release of this framework is v0.2.1, meaning that its interfaces are still experimental. While we try hard not to break backwards compatibility between updates, this still occasionally happens when the version number starts with a zero. Once the framework reaches 1.0, interfaces do not to break between major version number changes. For more information about these conventions, see the Semantic Versioning standard guidelines.


The Admin UI Framework implements a place that holds standard user interfaces that wrap Toolkit administrative commands.

Currently the only interface is for the setup_project command.

SetupProjectWizard API Reference

This is a QWizard implementation that walks somebody through setting up a Project from their Shotgun instance for Toolkit. To use the wizard, simply create an instance of the class, passing in the project to setup (as a standard Shotgun API entity dictionary) and the window to parent to.

adminui = sgtk.platform.import_framework("tk-framework-adminui", "setup_project")
setup = adminui.SetupProjectWizard(project, parent)
dialog_result = setup.exec_()

This will run the wizard and return a standard QDialog Accepted or Rejected value.

SetupProjectWizard Constructor

Initialize a SetupProjectWizard. This is a subclass of QtGui.QWizard.


Installation and Updates

Updating to the latest version

If you already have this item installed in a project and you want to get the latest version, you can run the update command. You can either navigate to the tank command that comes with that specific project, and run it there:

> cd /my_tank_configs/project_xyz
> ./tank updates

Alternatively, you can run your studio tank command and specify the project name to tell it which project to run the update check for:

> tank Project XYZ updates

Collaboration and Evolution

If you have access to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit, you also have access to the source code for all apps, engines and frameworks in Github where we store and manage them. Feel free to evolve these items; use them as a base for further independent development, make changes (and submit pull requests back to us!) or simply tinker with them to see how they have been built and how the toolkit works. You can access this code repository at

Special Requirements

  • You need Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Core API version v0.14.64 or higher to use this.


No Configuration Needed!

This item does not have any options to configure!

Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for this Framework. Below you will find an overview of all the changes we did for each release. We try to be as detailed as possible and include all bugs we have fixed, features we have added and things that may have changed. If you have questions about a particular release, don't hesitate to contact our support team!



Minor configuration description edits



Removes deprecated configs



Updates the framework dependencies to the latest major version.



Allow selecting a .zip archive of an existing config


Previously there was no option in SG Desktop to select a .zip file when setting up a project based on an existing config on disk. Now you can choose to select a .zip file or a directory.



(NOT RELEASED) Allow selecting a .zip archive of an existing config



The Help button now takes users to the new Toolkit support page.


The tooltip for locked storage is now more explicit.


Fix issue with disappearing path names in project setup


Added flame as a default configuration option.


Fix issue with clicking back button when configuration path is wrong


Unable to click on the back button to change config path


Allow users to click on the back button to change the configuration folder path if an invalid value is entered


Add a note to the setup project UI explaining locked storages


Makes disabled color more obvious and adds a lock icon to make it more user-friendly.


Primary paths disappear when clicking on back/continue


As a Toolkit user, I want to be able to click on the back button and continue again without loosing the primary paths


Prevents closing wizard prematurely while setup project is running.


Fixes missing button on setup summary


Fixes missing 'Done' button on project setup summary page.


26165: [desktop] Disable window manager close button on the setup project wizard


26172: Repeated sentence in Select Configuration Location screen


Fix for extra directories being created when editing project path name


Added help urls, summary page, better progress indicators, and a couple of bug fixes.


  • Added help urls
  • Updated Git page to not be github specific.
  • Added summary page
  • Make progress page running/complete state more obvious
  • Auto-advance from progress unless show details has been clicked
  • Updated copy on summary screen
  • Fix for attempting to create storage twice on storage page if validate is run multiple times
  • Fix for key error when trying to hide nonexistent widget on project name page


Visual polish


  • Fix for missing spacer on configuration location page
  • Fix for default focus


New project icon.


Visual polish and a fix for a Windows hang


General visual polist. Added a help button. Proper umasks when directories are created. Fix for a hang on Windows resulting from GUI updates from a thread.


Various GUI improvements. Local Storage management.


No longer prompts for directory creation. Progress bar. Local Storage management.


Initial release to app store.



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