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Overview and Getting Started

This section contains various useful documents that will help you getting started with the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit. This is a good starting point if you want to learn more about what the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit is, how it works and how it can help you build pipelines and tools integrated with Shotgun.

Introducing the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit

The Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit (sgtk) is a suite of pipeline tools and building blocks designed for artists, engineered for developers, and accessible to everyone. Sgtk is now available in public beta for existing Shotgun users!

Example Videos

A collection of example videos showing how the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkits integrates into different Application environments. Curious what Shotgun looks like in Maya or Nuke? Then take a closer look at this document.

Installing Shotgun Desktop and creating your first Toolkit Project

Want to see what the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit is all about? This document explains with simple, step-by-step instructions how to install the Shotgun Desktop and setting up your first Toolkit project.

Beyond your first project

This document explains where to go once you have got your first project up and running using the Shotgun Desktop. It covers useful common questions and topics and lists useful documentation resources.

An overview of the different Concepts in the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit.

This document covers the main concepts in detail: How apps and Engines work, how the toolkit is launched and manages the current context (work area), how folders are created on disk etc. We recommend that anyone involved in configuration or development start here.


This section contains a collection of examples of how you can use Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Apps in different workflows and setups. Toolkit Apps are generally highly configurable, so the same app may be used in several different ways. In this section we will post tutorials and examples of workflows that are commonly requested by the Shotgun pipeline community.

Publishing Alembic from Maya

This tutorial shows how you can configure Multi Publish to export Alembic files when you are publishing groups of geometry from Maya.

Toolkit Pipeline Tutorial

This document provides a step-by-step tutorial for Technical Directors (TDs) setting up a simple end-to-end pipeline using Toolkit. New Toolkit users who finish this tutorial will understand the fundamental aspects of the platform as well as how to customize it based on their studio's specific needs. The tutorial also provides an introduction to the out-of-the-box Toolkit apps and how they fit together in the artist workflow.

Perforce Integration

This document describes the Perforce integration for Toolkit - what it is, who it is aimed at and a high level overview of how it is implemented.

Technical Documentation

This section contains more detailed technical information that may be useful when you start to explore how you can tailor the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit to work with your studio or if you want to learn how to build your own custom Sgtk apps and integrations.

An introduction to how to administer and configure Toolkit

This document covers some of the more detailed aspects of configuration and administration. It explains how to update and install apps, how the environments work and how to test new versions of apps and the Core API in a sandbox environment prior to production install.

Managing your Project Configuration

This document explains best practices for how to safely roll out changes to your production pipeline. It explains how you can create a staging sandbox, which is a copy of your production configuration, update this sandbox and do testing and then finally push your changes to the production config.

Getting Started with App Development

This is a brief introduction to App development and how the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit can make things easier for you when you develop new tools.

Engine Development

How does engine development work and what is needed if you want to integrate an application with Toolkit? This document covers some of the basic questions we often get asked about engine development.

Migrating your Publishes with Toolkit v0.14

If you are running an older Toolkit installation (set up before June 2013), it is possible that you are creating and managing publishes in an old and now deprecated fashion. This document explains how to upgrade such an installation to match current best practices.

Activating Toolkit via the command line

Prior to the Shotgun Desktop was released, Toolkit was installed and set up via a command line script. If you for some reason still would like to use this legacy process rather than our new and official UI based process, this document outlines how.

Reference Documentation

This section contains all the API Reference documentation for the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit. The most recent release of the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Core API is reflected in these docs.

File System Configuration Reference

This document is a complete reference of the file system centric configurations in the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit. It outlines how the template system works and which options are available. It also shows all the different parameters you can include in the folder creation configuration.

Apps and Engines Configuration Reference

This document contains an overview of all the different options that you can include when creating configurations for Apps, Engines and Frameworks in the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit. It can be useful when doing advanced configuration of Apps, and it is important when you are doing development and need to add parameters to your App Configuration Manifest.

Core API Reference

This is the reference documentation for the Toolkit Core API. It covers the part of the API which is not app and engine related, e.g. the context, folder creation, file system templates resolution and general admin and maintenance functionality.

Platform API Reference

This reference shows all methods and classes relating to App and Engine development. This is handy when you are developing your own Apps or Engines.

Core API Release Notes

These are the release notes for the Toolkit Core API. Whenever we release a new version, we enter a description of what we have changed here.

Shotgun Desktop Release Notes

These are the release notes for the Shotgun Desktop. Whenever we release a new version, we enter a description of what we have changed here.



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