Releasing v0.12.11

We have just released v0.12.11 of the Tank Platform to the Tank App Store. The main focus of this release has been adding new functionality to folder creation, including: 

Optional Fields in the Tank folder creation setup
It is now possible to define optional fields in the folder creation set up. Previously, when defining the folder name in the folder creation config, Tank would check that all Shotgun files that were referenced in a folder name actually had valid data in Shotgun. If a field was empty, folder creation would stop with an error. Now you can define optional fields for example if you define a folder name as "{code}[_{sg_extra_field}]", the part inside the [square brackets] will be ignored if the sg_extra_field is empty in Shotgun. 

More than one entity per folder level 
Shotgun now understands the concept of having more than one Shotgun entity associated with a folder in the file system. For example, if you have defined a folder name for your Shot folders to be "{code}_{sg_sequence.Sequence.code}", you are implicitly referring to a sequence for this folder. This is now tracked by Tank and allows Tank to be more intelligent in some cases when constructing a context object to represent your current work area. 

Context properties 
We have added two new properties to the context object: filesystem_locations and shotgun_url. This makes it easier for code to jump from a "work area" (represented by a context) to either the file system or Shotgun. 

We are also happy to have added support for 3ds Max 2011. For detailed information see the release notes



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    Mark Story

    When running the platform update script, it's trying to install v0.12.12 instead of v0.12.11 (see below).  It never installs even though it claims to have successfully finished.  Something is really out of sync.




    sirius:~> python /job/swcx/projects/tank/install/core/scripts/ /job/swcx/projects/

    INFO Welcome to the Tank update checker!

    INFO This script will check if the Tank Platform is up to date.

    INFO for the installation at /job/swcx/projects/


    INFO You are currently running version v0.12.10 of the Tank Platform

    INFO A new version of the Tank API (v0.12.12) is available!


    INFO Change Summary:

    INFO Path cache related bug fixes and tweaks.


    INFO Detailed Release Notes:



    INFO Please note that this upgrade will affect all projects

    INFO Associated with this tank installation.


    Update to the latest version of the Core API? [yn]y

    INFO Downloading and installing a new version of the core...

    INFO Begin downloading Tank Core API v0.12.12 from the Tank App Store...

    INFO Download complete - now extracting content...

    INFO Extraction complete - now installing Tank Core

    INFO Backing up Core API: /job/swcx/projects/tank/install/core -> /job/swcx/projects/tank/install/core.backup/20130212_213633

    INFO Clearing out target location...

    INFO Installing /tmp/e6f965f92e154404b67b08c44e56b9c6_tank_unzip -> /job/swcx/projects/tank/install/core

    INFO Core upgrade complete.


    INFO Now, please CLOSE THIS SHELL, as the upgrade process

    INFO has replaced the folder that this script resides in

    INFO with a more recent version. Continuing Tank related

    INFO work in this shell beyond this point is not recommended.


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello there Mark!

    We release quite often - the idea is that if someone reports a bug or wants something improved, the cycle from request to release should be as short as possible. And with releases happening all the time, we don't necessarily announce every single release. 12.11 went out yesterday, containing some added features, so we decided to announce it. Shortly thereafter, 12.12 went out with some tweaks to an error message that was requested by a client.

    I will create a support ticket for your installation issues you are having so that we can troubleshoot those in depth. 

    Thanks for the feedback!

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