Announcing Tank v0.12 - It's here!

We are pleased to announce the release of Tank v0.12!  Check out all the exciting changes, such as user sandboxes, configs, better sequence handling, hot reload, workspaces and frameworks.  Find all the details in the release notes.



Release Highlights

User Folders & Workspace

Tank now supports a user sandbox workflow and allows folder creation to happen in two distinct phases, one that can run at any time, and one that runs at application (engine) startup.


Improved Sequence Handling

We have added methods and features to make it easier and more efficient to work with image sequences in Tank.


Features for Developers: Hot Reload & Frameworks

Tank supports a new way of importing and manage code inside of apps which makes everything fully reloadable. It also supports a new concept alongside engines and apps; a framework is a versioned library which can be included in apps and engines in order to share and encapsulate functionality. 

Tank Store & User Community

As part of Tank v0.12, we are launching an improved site for all things Tank! We've added more documentation and we're particularly interested to hear what you have to say about Tank so we've introduced forums for you to post your questions or ideas about Tank. So have a look at our community section and let us know what you're thinking.


Upgrading to Tank v0.12

Upgrading the Tank Core

The first step if you want to upgrade to Tank v0.12 is to upgrade the core. You can do this by running the upgrade script that comes with Tank:

> cd /YOUR_STUDIO_ROOT/tank/install/core/scripts
> python /YOUR_STUDIO_ROOT/some_tank_project

Now you can either go ahead and upgrade an existing project to use all the new versions of the Apps and Engines that come with Tank v0.12, or create a brand new project to test out the new things in Tank v0.12.

Upgrading a Project

Once you have upgraded the Core, you can now go ahead and upgrade an existing Tank project to use the latest versions of all the Engines and Apps:

> cd /YOUR_STUDIO_ROOT/tank/install/core/scripts
> python /YOUR_STUDIO_ROOT/some_tank_project

Creating a brand New Project based on the v0.12 starter configs

Tank v0.12 comes with a whole bunch of new starter configurations. Choose one, and then run the setup project script. For example, if you want to base your new project on the tk-config-default configuration, run the following command:

> cd /YOUR_STUDIO_ROOT/tank/install/core/scripts
> python tk-config-default