In case you missed our Dec 1st Webinar...


Thanks to everybody who made it to our webinar.  We loved showing you what we're working on and had a lot of fun answering the great questions you were asking (especially about the Publisher... thanks everybody for the feedback).  It can be hard to make it to things like this, so for anybody who couldn't make it (or REALLY wants to watch it again) here is the full recording.  To try and make it easy for you to find what you are looking for we've also included what is where in the video.


0:01:46 The actual start
0:03:09 The recent past
0:05:06 Shotgun Panel demo
0:13:13 Going on now
0:18:47 Workfiles v2
0:23:26 In just a bit
0:27:30 And a little further out
0:30:59 Ease of use designs
0:45:59 Standalone Publisher designs
1:02:31 Q&A

The actual start - Start here to bypass any inane introductory chit-chat
The recent past - Going through the work we've recently finished including websockets, the Shotgun Panel, and Houdini polish
Shotgun Panel demo - If you haven't seen the Shotgun Panel here's your chance
Going on now - The things we are currently working on including Nuke Studio support, My Tasks, and Workfiles v2
Workfiles v2 - An demo of our updated file manager
In just a bit - The things that are just around the corner, including cloud based configs and the long awaited Photoshop update
And a little further out - And longer term plans, including our plans to make Toolkit easier to use and our Standalone Publisher
Ease of use designs - See what we're thinking in terms of how to get started with Toolkit
Standalone Publisher designs - See what we're thinking for a big update to our publisher
Q&A - You ask.  We answer.

It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to do it again.
Let us know if there are topics you'd like us to dive into next time.



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