Core API v0.16 and Desktop v1.1.0 released

core_016.gifWe're happy to announce v0.16 of our core.  This update adds a new authentication mode for Toolkit, allowing users to use their Shotgun logins rather than a script for their connections.  This allows Toolkit to operate in a more secure manner (with user permissions in full effect for any queries Toolkit apps run) and removes the need to distribute a script name and key as part of your Toolkit install, which is great for remote users.

This also has the side benefit that Toolkit's idea of who the current Shotgun user is will always be accurate (no more Publishes coming from the Toolkit script itself).

Full details can be seen in the Security and Authentication section of our Toolkit overview doc.

This release is backwards compatible, so your existing projects will keep using script based connections but new core installs will default to login based authentications.

Read more about the v0.16 release in the Core API Release Notes...



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    John Coldrick

    Yep - this is a big concern on our end too...



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    Gary Chadwick

    I downloaded the latest desktop app, but it doesn't seem like it has the ability to open files/folders from the browser to take over from the integration plugin. Is that on the horizon soon?

    Google dropping NPAPI support entirely in September is getting pretty close and we'd like to have a solution determined ahead of time.

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    Rob Blau

    Hi Gary and John,

    As you mentioned, the v1.2.0 release of Desktop does not have the replacement for the NPAPI plugin, that will be in the next release. We are in active development on the websocket functionality and will definitely send out an update when it is ready for testing.

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