In case you missed our Webinar...


Thanks to everybody who made it to the webinar.  It was fantastic showing off what we're working on and giving you a preview of things to come.  The questions everybody asked were great as well.  We know it can be hard to make it to things like this, so for anybody who couldn't make it (or really wants to watch it again) here is the full recording.  To try and make it easy for you to find what you are looking for we've also included what is where in the video.


0:01:50 Strategy update (Don)
0:09:05 Introductions
0:10:40 Support site merge
0:12:09 Browser plugin
0:14:52 New File Manager
0:18:40 Security
0:21:50 Up next
0:25:57 Info Panel
0:27:55 Further out
0:30:25 Q&A

Strategy update - A quick summary of the things we've been seeing that have driven the current Toolkit roadmap
Introductions - Saying high to JF and Francis, the two newest members of the toolkit team
Support site merge - Talking about how the Toolkit support site will be merged with the main Shotgun support site in a few months
Browser plugin - What is going on with Chrome and our browser plugin
New File Manager - An intro to our update to the file manager, how it is looking, and how to get in on the preview
Security - Some changes we're making to core to support user based connections to Shotgun
Up next - Going through the next set of things we'll be tackling
Info Panel - A preview of the designs for our upcoming in-app panel
Further out - Looking down the road a bit for what we're going to try and attack at the end of the year and beyond
Q&A - Lots of great questions from the audience

It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to do it again.
Let us know if there are topics you'd like us to dive into next time.



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