Did Toolkit stop working after Chrome updated?

What Just Happened?

chrome_warning.pngWe've been talking about Google deprecating NPAPI support in Chrome for a while, and the latest release of Chrome has taken the next step in the deprecation roadmap. This version has NPAPI support turned OFF by default, so we figured it was time for another update.

In Chrome 42, Google switched the setting for NPAPI support OFF by default. This disables both the Java and Shotgun Integration plugins as they depend on this. You can re-enable this setting by going to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and clicking on Enable. If you have an Enterprise Policy setup, you can use the PluginsAllowedForUrls setting to re-enable NPAPI support.

The next step in the NPAPI deprecation process is due in September, 2015 when NPAPI support will be completely removed in Chrome 45.

What Now?

We are working on replacement functionality for the Shotgun Integration plugin. The sandbox that Chrome is putting in place for any code running in the browser cripples Toolkit functionality. Therefore, we will be moving the local file linking and Toolkit functionality that the plugin currently provides into our SG Desktop application. This will enable SG Desktop to handle requests from the Shotgun website, open local files, and run Toolkit commands. The new setup is in development and will be available well in advance of the September deadline for the final deprecation of NPAPI plugins. Shotgun Desktop will need to be running on any machine that is using local file linking or Toolkit.

What about Firefox?

As far as we know, Mozilla is not removing NPAPI support from Firefox. One change they have made is turning on "Click to Play" for plugins by default. This means that plugins won't run without you explicitly clicking a confirmation button to enable them. We are sorry for any trouble this may be causing. We're working hard to get our integration with Chrome working by default again.


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