A Technical Walkthrough of the Shotgun/Flame Integration

Inspired by the popularity of our FXPHD training course, we're aiming to make training content for Pipeline Toolkit more of a priority.  Going forward, as new features, integrations, and apps are added, we will do our best to also provide a technical walkthrough that talks through the specifics of the functionality.

We're picking up here with our recent Shotgun/Flame Integration, which started to roll out alongside the Flame 2015 Extension 2 release this past Fall.  As with all of our integrations, we've aimed to keep them as consistent as possible, but with Flame there are a few notable areas that are tailored for the Flame workflow.  Manne Ohrstrom, the engineer who wrote our integration, will speak to all of the details, covering the following topics:

  1. Installing Shotgun Desktop

  2. Setting up a Pipeline Toolkit Project (for Flame)

  3. Using the Shotgun/Flame Integration
    • Launch and Flame Project Creation.
    • Submit Sequence for Review.
    • Export Shots for Other Artists to work on.
    • Nuke Round Trip.
    • Flare Round Trip.
  4. Configuring the Shotgun/Flame Integration

We hope these videos will help you get up and running with the Shotgun/Flame integration!  If anything is unclear, please let us know so we can update the videos to try and address the things that are still murky, and of course, please also pass along any and all feedback about the integration itself.  This won't be the end of the integration work and we have an open dialogue with the Flame team on roadmap as we think about future features!



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    Ryan Mayeda

    Thanks for the kind words, Sebastian!  Glad to hear you like the videos, we'll keep them coming!

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    Sebastian Kral

    Hi Ryan,

    that's a great idea. Looking forward to even more good documentation. Even though we are not using the Flame Integration it's a great first start.

    Thank you and the team for such great tools.



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