Core API v0.15 released


015.pngWe're happy to announce that we released v0.15 of the Toolkit Core this week. The v0.15 release contains a number of large changes to the way metadata is handled within the Toolkit core. Where previously, configuration files and metadata caches were stored in a central, shared location, we are now moving towards a setup where each user maintains these files individually. This is part of a longer term strategy where we want to make it easy to work in a more distributed fashion with Toolkit and where ultimately the configuration is stored in Shotgun and cached on a local disk.

Once v0.15 has been installed, existing projects will work the same way they currently do, however new projects will be created using some new features. Instead of keeping a shared path cache file to track the bindings between folders on disk and Shotgun entities, this information is pushed into Shotgun - via the FilesystemLocation entity. Each user will have their own version of the path cache and this is synchronized in the background whenever applications are launched or folders are created. Furthermore, previous lookup files residing inside a "tank" folder within the project storage have been removed - meaning that the project data roots have zero Toolkit-specific files.

Read more about the v0.15 release in the Core API Release Notes...



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