The Shotgun Utils Framework

As promised in our webinar last week, we have now documented and released the Shotgun Utils Framework, one of the building blocks that we created as part of building the new loader. The idea with the Shotgun Utils Framework is simple: To help people build responsive, awesome looking apps quickly!


The framework contains a collection of handy utilities and tools and our plan is to extend it with new, useful functionality as we keep building and improving our apps. Having our core building blocks separated out in a framework not only makes it quicker and easier for us to build consistent looking, high quality apps, but also gives anyone in the toolkit community access to the same functionality! The framework extends QT's Model/View toolbox with a Shotgun Model, making it easy to build responsive, data rich apps that can display large amounts of Shotgun data quickly.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in the forums section!

Ps) If you didn't see it over on the Shotgun Blog already, check out our latest loader video! The loader is a good example of an app built using the Shotgun Utils Framework:




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