SG & Toolkit Training courtesy of FX PHD

One of last year's highlights was being asked to contribute to FX PHD's extensive class catalogue. Our Product Managers & Engineers (as well as a few guest presenters!) put together "Shotgun 101". This is a module consisting of ten classes in total, with topics ranging from getting started with Shotgun to more in-depth technical run throughs of how Toolkit works and how to develop and customize Toolkit for your studio.  We're happy to be sharing these classes with you here on our site. Big thanks to our friends at FX PHD for making that possible! If you'd like to take a look at what other online courses they offer head over to their website –

NOTE: Since these videos were produced, we've released Shotgun Desktop which is now the preferred way to initially install and setup Toolkit. However, these videos will still be extremely helpful in introducing you to Shotgun and Pipeline Toolkit.

Table of Contents  

1. Shotgun: Getting up and running
2. Shotgun: Getting data into Shotgun
3. Shotgun: Review Workflow and Pipeline
4. Shotgun: Supercharging your Review Pipeline 
5. Toolkit: Why it’s cool, engines, apps, launchers and loaders, publishers, file management, and the API demystified
6. Toolkit: Installing and Configuring
7. Toolkit: Administering and Customizing
8. Toolkit: Customizing and Building Apps
9. Advanced Shotgun Hacks, Part 1, featuring Tony Barbieri from Psyop
10. Advanced Shotgun Hacks, Part 2, featuring Armando Ricalde from Cluster




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    Abraham Levi Borbujo Carrasco

    Hi. Is not fair enough for people who paid for this course. Anyway I don´t regret for being one of them.


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