Announcing Hiero integration v2

We know a lot of you have been waiting for it, and we're excited to announce the next iteration of our Hiero integration.  The workflow to bootstrap your projects from Hiero is getting a major upgrade, linking the Hiero publishes to your Nuke workflow in a Shotgun Toolkit friendly way.  You can now export your comp scripts from Hiero, ready for your artists to start their work in a matter of minutes.


Published Files


Exporting your shots from Hiero, now generates PublishedFiles in Shotgun for your plates and Nuke scripts, all linked to the Shot. This allows you to keep track of all of the published work along the way and lets artists to use Toolkit to pick up work thats ready for them and get comping.

Shotgun Write Nodes


During the export process, you can now select which Shotgun Write Nodes to embed in your Nuke script. The choices here are configurable in the settings. When the artist loads up the exported Nuke script to start their comp work, it will have whatever Toolkit-enabled WriteNodes you checked in Hiero baked right in to the Nuke script. So they can render out their work and publish it without needing to worry about where it should go, or what type of output is required.


Collate Support


When you have multiple items that make up a shot (either overlapping on different tracks, or with the same shot name on multiple tracks) you can have the exporter treat them as a single Shot.

Episodes, Scenes, and custom hierarchy support

We know that a lot of you don't work in a simple Sequence > Shot hierarchy. So we've added the hiero_get_shot hook to allow you to configure alternative hierarchies you use at your studio. Whether you use Episodes, Scenes, or some other structure, the power is in your hands. You can use this hook to create any custom Shot creation logic you need.

Various goodies

Since Hiero has it's own idea of how the {version} token should be formatted, we've added the {tk_version} token so the version string will be formatted via the toolkit config (so things like padding and other details are all standardized).

The project root is now set automatically on your open projects when the Hiero engine starts so there's no more need to set this manually.

Available in the app store soon now

These updates are finishing up the QA process and will all be available in the Toolkit app store very shortly (Update: These are available in the app store now!). To update your install, run the tank command tank Project <your project name> updates and you will get all of the latest Hiero updates.

We hope you enjoy the new stuff. There's definitely more to do, and we want to hear what you think should be next. So share your comments below and talk to us!



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    Jonas Drehn

    Hey Guys,

    Fanstastic, this is exactly what we have been waiting for, now we're ready to start using Hiero instead of our custom edit > SG shot creation tools.

    One questions, since I'm not fully into hiero and how all this work. How does this workflow deal with the same clip on mutiple timelines in hiero ? like a 60sec 30sec, 15sec. that all share some of the same clips in some diffrent timings ? Is this handled by the Collate feature ?


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    Jonas Drehn

    Hi Guys,

    I have a little update  :

    I've been reaching out to the foundry (since this is as Hiero related as toolkit). They agrees that this is a missing feature of Hiero, but it will take them some time to get it in - due to other priorities and that they wanna do it special way. So they said it wouldn't be the next 6 months - which unfortunately is way to long for us to really start using Hiero with SG and I think a lot of people are in the same boat. As an example today I conformed 6 versions that was 182 events, but after merge it was only 52 events, nobody wanna do the same work twice or more :-)

    I have a quick way to solve it - I don't know if you guys (SG) could have resources to implement it in a simple matter, se my suggestion below :

    SG shot export

    As it works today - including collate options - but with one more option which would :

    Search selected sequences for shots that shares the same filename/filepath and TC in / out range (including handles options)

    only export the first repentation of the shot - but make sure the in / out is expanded to cover longest shots (plus handles)

    based on the search

    Would that be something that could be implemented easyli ? unfortunately we don't have any python delevelopers on staff, but I be happy to support it.



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    Hey Jonas,

    Thanks for reaching out. Let's find some time to get together online and share screens so you can walk us through the details so we can better understand what you are looking for. Then we'll report back to this thread with the results!


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