Siggraph 2013 Highlights



Another year, another Siggraph!  It was, as always, an amazing opportunity to connect with our clients face-to-face, show off new features, and talk shop on pipeline development.  If you weren’t able to attend, we didn’t want you to miss out on our highlights from the conference (and of course hope to see you next year!).  We spent three days on our feet, getting the word out on our public beta and debuting new Engines for Houdini and Softimage that work with with all of the Toolkit Multi Apps like the File Manager, Publisher, and Loader.  We also got a chance to publicize our recent collaboration with Fabric Engine to demo an Engine and workflow we worked together to assemble for their Creation Platform module Stage:


On Wednesday, we hosted a Pipeline User Group, where we talked through the latest and greatest with Toolkit, some new Labs projects we’ve been working on, and ways to improve community discussion.  It was incredibly informative and we got a ton of great feedback from the group about how we’re doing and what we should tackle next!  It also gave us an opportunity to tell you a little bit about what we think should be next on our to do list, namely:

  • Context Switching: cleaning up the way the Engines handle switching between work areas.

  • Shotgun Path Cache: making the path cache more robust, particularly for studios with multiple locations/storages.

  • More Hiero: building on the project kickstart/shot creation workflow we recently released.

  • New Engines: After Effects, Mari, and Cinema4D look to be the next candidates for integration later this year.

  • Configuration: extending what can be done via configuration to what support studio pipeline needs while also making it easier to manage workflows and add new workflow components.


Last but certainly not least, we had a blast at our party and we hope everyone who attended had a great time, enjoyed a couple beverages, and scored a few strikes!

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