Proposal for using Version Control with Toolkit


In Jeff Atwood's blog: Coding Horror, he touched on the Rule of Three a few weeks back & it's something that we find very relevant here on the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit team. It basically sets out the idea that if you think you've built a better mouse trap, you won't know for sure until you've tested and validated it in three different scenarios.

We genuinely believe we've built a better mouse trap but we need your help to validate it.  While we've been working with various Animation and VFX clients to fine tune Toolkit and gained some great insight into how to make it better, we've also had validation that we're heading in the right direction. Now that Toolkit is in Public Beta, it's time to prove its effectiveness by extending it to our third scenario, the Games Industry.

We've already spent some time contemplating and discussing our ideas, both among ourselves here on the Toolkit team as well as with some Games companies, and we've formulated a plan of how to implement it. The first and most obvious area we feel Toolkit would be able to help is with versioning. While versioning in the Visual Effects and Animation industries is generally filesystem based, the Games industry usually manages it via a source control package, with Perforce being a popular solution. The attached document describes how we think Toolkit and our existing apps (Work Files, Publish, etc.) will fit into a Perforce based workflow.  It also shows how checked-in files in Perforce would be represented in Shotgun as Published Files, which Toolkit would then have access to.  

While the document is only a proposal of the work we plan to undertake, it summarizes our high level ideas and the only way for us to be sure we've got our sights locked on the bull's eye (or not) is by taking our cues from you, the people who live with these workflows day to day. This is an invitation to let us know what you think:  Will our proposal work for your studio? Do you have other use cases you'd like to see covered? Or, do we still have some functionality to add that will make it work for you?  Either way, we really want to hear your feedback and ensure we can make the Pipeline Toolkit a great fit for all of us.



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