In case you missed the Webinar.....


Thanks to all who attended the webinar yesterday!  It's been a busy last few months and it was great to show off some of the things we've been working on.  We know it can be tough for everyone to catch the webinar live though, so for those who couldn't make it we're posting the full recording here.  For easy access we've also included section descriptions, links and a table of contents. 



After a successful pilot program, we are pleased to announce the new Loader is now available for everyone to download via both the Toolkit App Store and the app's Github repo.  The new Loader currently supports Maya, Nuke, 3DS Max, and Photoshop.  In the coming days we will also be adding support for Motion Builder, with Hiero, Houdini, and Softimage to follow shortly after.  As part of the Loader app development, Manne created a Shotgun utils framework, a reusable library of widgets and utilities that makes it quick and painless to develop high-performance and data-rich Shotgun apps!  Watch this space for more information (and documentation) on the Shotgun utils framework!


UI (re)Design - Publisher and File Manager

Following on the heels of the Loader redesign, the next apps in line are the Publisher and File Manager.  During the webinar, Ryan shared design screens for these apps.  But, if you'd like to go through them in more detail or have questions about if the new apps will cover a specific use case for your studio, please let us know via and we can arrange a follow up meeting. 


Shotgun Desktop

Rob took a break from coding yesterday to demo his latest development project, the Shotgun Desktop app.  We're extremely excited to show it off and are starting up a pilot program for it next week.  Initially, we're hoping to target existing Toolkit clients so please reach out to us at if you're interested in trying it out and giving feedback.  Don't despair if you're new to Toolkit and want to get your hands on Shotgun Desktop though!  We're starting with existing clients while we spend more time on improving the overall installation and onramp experience, so when the time comes we'll put the call out for more pilot testers!



We were proud to announce at GDC last month that our Perforce integration had officially launched into beta!  If you missed it, or want a refresher on what the integration provides, please have a look at the screencast, which can be found on the Shotgun blog



0:00:00  Intro (Ryan)
0:00:54  Loader (Ryan)
0:07:09  Loader Framework (Manne)
0:12:27  UI (re)Design (Ryan)
0:17:44  Shotgun Desktop  (Rob)
0:28:10  Shotgun Desktop Future Development (Ryan) 
0:33:22  Perforce Integration (Ryan)
0:34:12  What's Next? (Ryan)
0:36:27  Q&A


We love doing these webinars as they are always a great opportunity to not only share what we've been developing but to also hear your thoughts on how we're doing and what areas you'd like to see Toolkit expand into! 



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